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  1. @jeffy - how do I mark as closed/answered? For anyone else who comes along this thread in a few years, if you hear a noise inside the cabin when the slowly and gently accelerate/decelerate, check the plastic box that is a void between the floor carpet and chassis, near where the premium sound package amp would be installed under the drivers seat. Apparently items you drop between the drivers seat and the console can make their way through the flap in the carpet and end up in here.
  2. Hopefully (fingers crossed) closing out this topic! I haven't managed to reproduce the noise since picking up on Thursday last week and driving the same route a few times where I would normally hear it. Now I can drive with the stereo on again so that I don't need to keep the cabin quite to make certain it wasn't still there!
  3. Got a call this morning just before 8am (they kept her overnight but did give me a loan car - top marks there). They found a pen in the cavity box between the carpet and floor under the driver's seat that apparently was rolling and bumping in to a cable channel that runs towards the front of the vehicle. Seems plausible at least about the channel, not sure on the sound though. The "premium" sound system for the Aurion has the amp mounted under the driver's seat from what I can tell, so there's likely a conduit for the pre-outs to run though to the amp rather than combined with the main car harness and looms. I'm hopeful at least! They said one of the mechanics has had a pencil (assume AAA or AA) battery in the same spot which is how they found it or at least thought to look there. Driving from the dealership this morning and then back home tonight, touch wood, I haven't heard it again. The real test will be the next 2 - 3 days along my normal route, but fingers crossed!
  4. Don’t scare me like that! Geez, I hope it isn’t. She stayed overnight at the dealership which I’m hoping is a good sign that they’ve managed to hear it, not just my recordings and that they are zeroing in on it.
  5. G'Day everyone. After some help on places I should start looking to track down a, insanely annoying roll/rattle inside the cabin of my 2015 Aurion Sportivo (2nd hand from a dealer last week). It sounds to be coming from around the console or driver's foot fell but could even be inside the driver's door. It's hard to pinpoint as you need to be driving - unless anyone has any other tips? The dealer yesterday (end of warranty service) said they thought they found it as a loom under the gear shifter - I was dubious; and correct. It happend again as I was driving it home. I'm not confident they'll spend any time actually looking for it and play the "second hand vehicle" card despite buying it from them. It could be something from the factory - or something the previous owner (fleet vehicle) fitted and/or removed. In the near term future I'll be swapping out the speakers, etc. so will have an opportunity to pull out the factory H/U so looking for ideas or places to look to see if I can find it. On the way home from the dealer - And heading back to the dealership this morning - I'm not an "aggressive" driver; the key seems to be gentle acceleration/deceleration and has been most noticeable when the vehicle is on an incline apart from the initial video which was recorded on flat ground moving between forward and reverse. It all started the day after I picked it up - Roll/rattle of component recorded switching between forward and reverse travelling around 5 - 10m with gentle acceleration and braking. The sample can be heard - 13 second mark 38 second mark 46 - 49 second mark - very faint, then a few recurrences 58 - 1:00 second mark - a few recurrences Any insights, or thoughts would be welcomed.
  6. Cheers and thanks for the tip! Economy is already better than the Magna despite giving it a little squirt a few times. The Aurion itself is an impressive looking vehicle too; that's why I ended up here instead of the Commodore forums. The flappy paddle shift is interesting - operational in both standard Drive and Sports mode. According to the owners manual in drive is more for engine breaking which i used to do with the triptronic in the Magna.
  7. G'day and thanks for the welcome. Given Maggy was a 2003 and <to be named> is 2015, there's a huge difference in factory "standard". I'd kept most things stock and well looked after, but had reworked the sound system in Maggy with mostly Alpine and Parrot gear and it was great. There's not a whole lot to do in the Aurion except speaker upgrade and standard speaker out to line and amp it. I don't want to lose the vehicle config like auto lock @ 30km/h (this is great when you have kids/wife and they drive at night). The 6 speakers (2 x sets of 6x9) is pretty slick which will give plenty of fill plus some low end. Just gotta figure out how to get the dash console out, rear parcel self (frigged around with this last night to fit an anchor for the booster seat - both the anchor and trim are missing on the RHS but centre and right are there) and door trim off. Have looked around the forum so far but most is for the GSV40 so there is subtle differences. There's a fair more road noise than I was used to from the Magna *but* all the other make/models I test drove were very similar including the Commodore Sports wagon. Granted too, I cam from 15" factory alloys to the 18" on this. Also found while taking trying to recover a spacer from fitting the car seat anchor that most of the sound deadening is styrofoam, not thick underlay and carpet. I can't hold that against the car at all since it's a change in attitude in manufacturing. SUVs were shight [sic]!!! Terrible gear boxes and rev'ed through the roof from a slow crawl up hill which is why I wanted the Aurion with the V6. It handles well (sticks and feels solid and responsive) and the gear changes are smooth.I did have torque converter lockup in Maggy and had that in my previous one too, but for $2k to fix I didn't worry about it for many years in this one but did in my previous. That's a nice change in the Aurion especially maintaining speed up hill. I hardly do many kms and she's in the garage at home and underground at work so I'm hoping <to be named> will be with me for a while too. Looks like <to be named> was an ex-police or similar vehicle. 80k kms @ $19k. A little on the high side, but for the Sportivo and grey, I was comfortable to pay the slight extra as there isn't a lot of selection as they aren't an easy vehicle or vintage to find. Plus the dealer took my trade and the cost of <to be named> was the same with or without the trade which their transparency there was great. They slightly upped the trade and helped me with cash flow with a partial credit card payment which all added up in savings of time which reduced the overall hassle and other expenses, so +/- it all worked out!
  8. G'Day all. First time owning a Toyota. 2015 Aurion Sportivo. Have been a long term Magna driver but she finally had too many issues that I'd patched up to keep her going. She looked great visually and mechanically ran well but all the plastic exposed to high temperatures was starting to perish, plus some other critical plastic bits like the automatic window regulator motor pinion gears... I was active in the Aussie Magna Club and hope to do the same here. Will be finding my way round here looking for things like the service manual for details on part numbers, how to remove something or even where it is, as well as ideas on things like tow bars that don't hack through your bumper to be fitted and/or removed. I'm interested in basic car mods, mostly car audio but like to keep the 'stock' appearance, just with a little more grunt! Happy to answer general questions on those sort of things.