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  1. Based on information that the problem doesn't seem to be only with the remote, but also the button in the car, I would say that the door lock actuators are more than likely becoming weak/ failing, or in need or lubrication (no idea if that is even possible) My 2005 Corolla sedan developed the same issue (it started off with hearing a strange noise when locking the doors intermittently), followed by the door not locking/unlocking electronically (originally rear left, then after a few years the drivers door) I removed the door trim (after it stopped locking/unlocking electronical
  2. Hi Helen, It's hard to diagnose issues without video/ audio of the problem. My first guess would be to check the wheel weights if you have alloy wheels, some cars have these located on the inside section, where if they come a bit loose, they have the potential to hit the brake calipers. If when the mechanic did the brakes they noticed these starting to detach (they are stuck on with for want of a better word double sided tape), they may have pushed these back on, but it may be starting to detach again. But you may have to take this to a local mechanic (unless someone knows
  3. I took my car in for a service back in December. I mentioned the issue, as well as what it was that I was feeling. And though the problem is now fixed I am still as confused as ever. I'm a former car mechanic, I can feel what the car is doing etc. I have felt vibrations caused by front rotor issues through the steering wheel etc. With my car, as in my OP the vibration was coming through the pedal (little to nothing through the steering wheel), and as the temps increased (going down a long downhill, or even if braking at speed), a noticeable and disturbing shudder
  4. If my car didn't have capped price services, I would prefer to take it to my own mechanic (or do it myself) Dealerships have many technicians, who service lots of cars. They never meet you, they don't know you, and as a result their care factor is quite low. For example my local dealer has no idea where the full mark is on my dipstick (always over filled), perhaps it confuses them using the oil that I supply.... And that's when cold, let alone when the engine is warmed up (as per the owners manual) Don't get me wrong, I allow some tolerance, by seriously circa 1 cm ove
  5. I know the OP's original comment has already been answered, but I still want to throw my 5 cents in :-) - If you have capped price servicing, get your servicing done at a trusted Toyota dealership The capped price includes everything that is a servicing requirement (like brake fluid, engine air filter, cabin filter etc), excluding wear and tear like brakes - If you want to do a 6 monthly oil change (which I would recommend, I'll go into below as to why), I would ask a local mechanic that you trust to do it, and only do the oil and filter (use a genuine filter and keep the recei
  6. Def agreed, regular oil changes (with good quality oil) Spend a little more now, to save a whole heap later :-)

    1. Tony Prodigy

      Tony Prodigy

      Hello mate,

      I think Turtle Wax are really starting to shake up the product market with their latest Gen products. Two years in the making too.

       I saw a few videos on the new Graphene Flex Wax and I am very impressed by it's resilience in the torture tests. It out performed some very expensive name brands which is incredible. I will definitely buy this when they decide to bring it here. I hope it doesn't take too long, but it's typical having to wait for ages. They'll probably release another product by the time this one gets here, but I will definitely get one and try.

      What I love about this one is that it combines pure graphene ( not graphene oxide) wax, hydrophobic polymers and ceramic components all in one which is crazy, and the net result is more gloss, slickness, UV protection, Chemical Resistance, Water Repellency, Less Water Spotting, Easy to Apply and No Curing Time. That last bit, I'd allow it to cure anyway for best results, as in, don't wash the car or leave it out in the elements.

      If you want to Geek out on Graphite Chemistry, read this: https://www.researchgate.net/post/What_is_the_difference_between_reduced_graphene_oxide_and_graphene

      If you noticed after his torture test, even though the beading effect had diminished, the water sheeted off completely on the Flex Wax section, which bolsters the claim of "less water spotting" This is exactly what you want. 

      Put down your foundation coat after a good surface prep and you're goo. Then It can be used to maintain the coating with a simple top up spray whilst drying. Two sprays per panel is plenty. Bonnet and roof is 4, 2 per half.

      The world of detailing is getting more exciting. Thanks for the message mate.

      Have a great day :thumbsup:



    2. Novicebutnice


      It looks like Supercheap might be making room for the 303 graphene spray

      I base this on them doing a clearance sale on their "spray wax"


    3. Tony Prodigy

      Tony Prodigy

      Looking forward to using the 303 product very much. It's funny how the companies are really starting to take this stuff seriously. The competition is pretty fierce now. As soon as 303 came out with theirs, Turtle Wax hit back with their Flex Wax. It may even deliver the knock out blow according to some of the reviews. I really want to get my hands on both these. 

      Exciting stuff, can't wait !



  8. Check to see if your satnav unit has a micro SD/ SD card Either way I would swing past your local Toyota dealer and ask them how much they charge to do an update. Mine cost from memory about $100 (I honestly can' remember) for my 2017 Camry It was more expensive than just buying a separate satnav that hangs off your windscreen (that usually comes with lifetime map updates) But I prefer the in dash, especially the bigger screen (which I why I'll do mine every 3 years or so) Good luck, and let us know how you go :-)
  9. What's funny is that when I was a mechanic and went to a non-Toyota brand "school day" They talked about how they tried timing belts (since they were a newer idea than timing chains) But the timing belts didn't deliver any real advantages and had several disadvantages, so they were going back to timing chains... So I guess it's good to try new ideas, but sometimes they don't work out.
  10. In short for the most part, If the front of the Engine doesn't have plastic covers then it has a timing chain. If the front of the engine does have plastic covers that are easily removable, than it has a timing belt.
  11. Whilst I don't for a second doubt the stupidity of the 70% down claim As a former car mechanic I know that a car can have "weak spark" which is more noticeable under load. So whilst a coil pack either works or it doesn't in some respects, if a car is for example "pinging" under load I would check the coil packs since "under load" is when "weak spark" can occur. Just my 5 cents.
  12. Try this link my friend, I hope that this can lead you to your first love :-) https://secure.carhistory.com.au/checkout?cc=&frm=CH&vin=6T164AE9309683100&state=&rego=
  13. I've been keeping an eye on the graphene products. I've mainly been watching APEX DETAIL, who has just done a video on this product (I'm about to watch it) Have you tried mixing different products, for example Turtle wax Ceramic, and some another product just out of curiosity?

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