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  1. If you had been using 98 and then went to 95 the engine could be trying to "sort itself out" they usually do a minor re-map when you change fuel
  2. A bit of a long story I was originally in the market for a Corolla SX Manual Sedan, but the value proposition compared to it's rivals wasn't there. Especially since it was no longer made in Japan... And when I went in to the dealer they had no SX Manual's, and none left on the MY17 plate clearance (and neither did Toyota apparently), and when I sat in the back of a base model I couldn't sit upright (I'm 1.75m) But since the salesman was good at his job he suggested a Camry since they had a 0% finance offer due to run out. I was a bit skeptical given some of the reviews on the Camry (which must have been the base model), but after a test drive I was pretty happy. To sum up why I bought a Camry (2017 RZ): - 0% finance was a big seller, enabling me to get a nicer, more spacious car for less money (when factoring interest on a loan). - Nice non-smelly interior (try getting into a Hyundai on a hot day.... mmmm plastic smell.....). - Nice calm driving dynamics, but not too boring. - Nice appearance. - Reliability. - Capped price servicing. - I could sit upright in the back seat. - Interior is a nice simple layout. Why I'm happy I bought a Camry: - Comfortable and spacious. - Using 98 fuel I achieve better fuel consumption than the label for the city, and if I travel at 100 km/h (by the speedo) I believe I could achieve the country driving fuel consumption. - No offensive over powering smells when getting in the car on a nice hot Australian summers day. - I enjoy driving it. - Doesn't use any extra fuel than my previous car (MY05 Corolla sedan, manual, base model). - Driving it is a no nonsense affair with all the controls laid out in a simple way so that I can concentrate on the road. - Insurance is the same as my last car Why I didn't consider it's rivals: - 0% finance. - Running costs. - Interior odors on some. Would I buy another Camry... you bet I would :-)
  3. It sounds like the engine is "hunting" What fuel have you been using, it could be a bad batch, Otherwise I would replace spark plugs and clean the throttle body as a start.