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  1. Hey all, long time reader. I have recently been looking at purchasing a van to turn into a camper, especially the toyota commuter due io its large size. Noww.... i have the opportunity to buy a 2010 model, turbo diesel for $10,000.The catch is that it has 480,000km on the clock and there is no log book service history/receipts. Im sure everyone would say to steer clear of this but then there are a few things that make me feel this is a really good deal. - one owner & driver(selling privately) - ex disabled person taxi (had the whole wheel chair lift in the back) - everything has minimal scratches/dents which makes me think it wasnt just abused The owner told me the workshop he got it serviced and thought i would investigate, called up and said he didnt have records saved on a computer but driving past i notced a few taxis in there, must be a common spot the drivers take them to? Upon looking in the engine back, eveything looked clean, timing belt had been replaced 20,000km ago earlier this year which makes me think the services do check out. The owner also told me being the kind of work the car does it requires inspections every 6 months (south aus) to ensure everything is sweet which again makes me feel better about the no history. The last thing i can say his reason for selling it is that the car has to be no older than 8 years for this kind of work, and being an october 2010 model and now its november 2018.... Sooooo a lot of these things check out for what i can research, which is why i think its a good deal butttt i just would like a few randoms opinions, rather than asking friends and family whom i would get a bit more of a biased answer. Is this a good deal or a potentional lemon???? Thanks!!