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  1. squalled, i swear to god, you've come to the rescue on every single topic i've posted so far 😂thanks so much, bro EDIT: i have NEVER managed to get the stock exhaust to pop whatsoever lmao. its super quiet for me hahaha
  2. Hey guys just wanted to ask something real quick i want to get a new exhaust system for my 04 sportivo. looking for something that doesnt sound raspy or like your typical fart can. also, i would REALLY love to get any pops and bangs out of the car but i don't know where to start, but i'm assuming that an exhaust is a good way to get those crackling noises when you decelerate or rev the car hahaha. so any tips on that would be amazing too 🙂 so if yous can maybe give me any options for a good sounding exhaust and ways to make the car crackle/pop, that would be highly appreciated!
  3. Thank you soooo much, dude! I'll see if I can put the setup back on soon, and I'll let you know how it goes 🙂 Thanks a ton!
  4. UPDATE: I have since reverted back to the stock setup. There were no leaks I could find, and I cleaned the MAF with special MAF sensor cleaner. It still did idle quite rough. The pipe was 3 inches in diameter and the MAF sensor was oriented correctly. The revs would climb and drop and repeat that cycle over and over again. It was also the Original MAF sensor Here are photos of the parts I used: Note - the 2.75in to 3in hose didn't fit on the throttle body so I had to use a regular 3in PVC Hose I also used hose clamps even though there are no pics of them belo
  5. Hey guys so today I did an install for a custom intake system. Was around 140 bucks. all it is, is some pipes and rubber hoses and a pod filter and I expected it to work. However, this happened: The engine idles so poorly and sputters and recovers itself from almost stalling for no reason When I start the car, I'd have my foot PLANTED to the floor and absolutely nothing will happen. It just accelerates like a snail and then after a while it drives normal-ish Low end power is super **** but when lift kicks in it kicks in hard. I guess thats what the pod is m
  6. Thank you soooo much dude. I still haven't taken it to any specialist. I'll take your advice. Thanks heaps bro :)
  7. Hey guys! I'm brand new to this forum. not sure if this forum is totally dead, but, I guess i'll ask the question anyway hahaha So, i've owned this Sportivo for almost 2 months now, and ever since I have owned it, i've noticed the weirdest noise coming from the car. i have no idea what it could be, but i suspect it could be the transmission. The noise only happens when i'm coasting with the clutch out. It gets louder the faster you're going, or the higher the RPM. Example scenario: Say, I'm accelerating at about 60kph down a road and I'm in 4th Gear. as soon as i let off th

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