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  1. Okay.... hopefully this is the final installment! Firstly I have to say a massive thank-you to West Coast Automotive Repairs in Wangara, Western Australia. They have been absolutely fantastic and have managed to get my old Lux sorted. So... after the timing and valves were done the smoke was unfortunately still there, next came new injectors and still she smoked. Last resort, Dyno and fuel adjustment. This did the trick and my old car was much improved so I collected her and drove her home. Unfortunately this isn't the end of the story... Later that same day I went out to the car and noticed liquid on the ground under the engine, I thought it was probably water from the air-con I had running earlier in the day but checked it anyway. Sadly it was oil, and a lot of oil at that. I managed to limp the car back to West Coast for a diagnosis, hoping that it was perhaps something not done up properly after the recent work. Unfortunately this wasn't the case and a failed head gasket was identified. West Coast took the engine apart (again) and here's where my luck changed! The damage wasn't terminal, the head was checked, confirmed as good (after a little leveling). A new gasket fitted and she lives again! (this is a much shorter version of the story of course). Now she's back home, just in time for Summer beach runs! :)
  2. Thanks G - Will give that a go this week 👍
  3. Thanks guys, it was the rubber fuel lines so there’s a chance of contamination - I will keep you posted as we progress!
  4. Hi All 😁 I have a 94 LN106 with the 2.8D 3L non turbo engine - my cars only done 156k, the engine was replaced 10yrs ago at 149k and it has only covered 7k since. The car spent the last 10yrs garaged after its previous owner fell ill, sadly he recently passed away and the car was put up for sale, I bought it a couple of months ago. She was running perfectly well, until last week. I had to have the fuel lines changed as they had perished, I also decided to have the timing belt and water pump done at the same time. I picked her up from the mechanic after the work was done and all seemed good. Next day I drove her on the freeway and noticed a decent amount of black smoke when under load (constant). I’m 100% certain it wasn’t doing it before the work. I took it back to the mechanic for them to double check the timing and no issues found. They checked the valve clearance, they are out so I’m having new shims put in to adjust back to spec... I have my fingers crossed that this will resolve the problem but if it doesn’t where next? I thought maybe fuel pump (over fuelling?) but there was no hesitation when driving and no recent adjustments. Id really appreciate any advice anyone can offer, it seems odd that it’s happened after the work was done but she’s literally been sat still for 10yrs so anything could happen! 😉 Thanks in advance!