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  1. Greetings I was wondering and hoping if there is some one out there with the knowledge re the following, Have set up for the doors on our 2018 rav4 to lock on coming out of park but you can still open the driver door from outside .Any thoughts Geoff
  2. Question . for those of you who have a Dash Cam. Where have people placed their Dash Cams on their rav4 regard Geoff
  3. geoffchat

    new to the RAV4

    Greetings all My wife and I are both 70 plus and have just down graded from a 2005 Ford Territory to a 2018 petrol CVT RAV4 I am having shall we say problems coming to grips with this new fangle type transmission especially when it comes to hills on long down grades there seems to be a sense of vibration and to me an increase in noise.At the other end of things is the feeling one gets when going over the crest of a hill as there is a sense that there is some form of over run with both the motor and the transmission So is all this a matter of getting use to the CVT after the Territory's transmission, I know I am an old fart and just haven't kept up with technology Over to all you young folk Geoff