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  1. Hello together, I was on a weight bridge... car full stocked, 80 litre water + 145 litre diesel. 2 persons and all our gear. 03.08 Tons in total 01.34 Tons in front 01.74 Tons on the back what do you think? cheers Daniel
  2. Hello, Quick Update after i Visited pedders. the mechanic told me that I may have to change my 7leaf heavy duty rear suspension to a airbag system - 1200 dollar. so it will carry the weight different. I still didn't make it to a weight bridge, but I will l within the next days... thanks for any advice Daniel
  3. On the road with our tiny little baby tyres we need +-45 psi that it is looking nice and round. we hope they just tell us tomorrow we will be fine to tow a small camper trailer. otherwise we may have to sell the car in perth, and buy a otherone just for towing... cheers Daniel
  4. Hello G. we will be at pedders (they made my rear suspension) and they will tell me about the weight in the back and front of the car / axle. I will post the results here. thank you for your advice. cheers Daniel
  5. thanks CONROD, I just sent them a email, will see what he says... maybe I will drive the car to a public weight bridge, and see how heavy it is, so we get a approximately idea how heavy the canopy is... yeah, there is not much drop in the back, he got a pedders suspension. on the picture, about 80liters water 150liters fuel.... + food, kitchen, 2 tyers....
  6. Hello together, I own a 2015 hilux double cab with a gvm upgrade to 3300 kilo. I am wondering if the car is still strong/stabil enough to tow a small camper like a jayco swan / eagle outback. someone just told me the steel is just not strong enough and it will man brake right in the middle. we got a heavy construct on the back of the car as you can see on the picture. sorry for my English, it's not my mother language. cheers Daniel