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  1. Hi all, I'm brand new to this forum. I recently bought a 2WD Hilux 1998 extra cab. I find the handling a little off putting as it handles kind of like a boat. I suspect that the front utilizes a torsion bar with shocks, like in my Spacia. However, when you go over a bump on either the right or left wheel, the whole front end seems to drop and soak up the bump. Now the Spacia is different, using the same system yet it feels like it is an independent front suspension. I now do notice this similar characteristic of other similar year Hilux 2Wd's on the road. 1. How can the front suspension be improved? ie. Different torsion bars and coil shocks available I would really like the Hilux to handle more like my Spacia. The rear leaf springs are also very jarring. I am aware that other drivers have done 4 link conversions and bagged suspension, but that is too costly. My Spacia rear suspension system has I believe a torsion bar and shock arrangement, and again it is very svelte. Naturally the Hilux setup is made for carrying larger loads. 2. Is there a way improve the rear suspension so as it is not as jarring? ie. Not so heavily sprung leaf springs. My Hilux feels like more of a chore to drive compared to the Spacia. You have to concentrate more and really watch what you are doing because bumpy roads can put it off line. Thanks in advance for your help.