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  1. Hi Gary, thanks for your time I kicked off at the dealer, they luckily paid for an engine with a warranty, so it being sorted this week, no cost to me 🙂 Thanks again to everyone for your help and support regards james
  2. Hey mate thanks for the advice, the dealership hasn’t responded for a week and neither has the mechanic, so I’m going to just have to pay to fix it, but it’s possible it needs a new timing chain 😞 $$$ the car was advertised as good working order. It hasn’t functioned properly whatsoever so surely I have a leg to stand on there? Regards james
  3. Hey thanks for your time, sorry for the late reply, I’ll chuck some new plugs in, with oil etc. would that give me the codes that I’m getting? I’ve replaced the crank sensor with a brand new one, still got the p0335 p0016 codes. Is it possible my timing chain is stretched? Can’t seem to source a new camshaft controller. The symptoms are still there, runs well when cold, after a couple minutes it loses throttle response and lacks power, could it be the VVTi failing? Also now have a misfire code and the car drinks fuel more than usual.
  4. I’m not sure if the reluctor has to be sort of put in the right place like the timing, it doesnt look atall damaged. The cam chain has a tiny bit of play in it not sure if a stretched chain would cause the fault code. The original engine had done 230000kms, I’m not sure what the kms on the new one are. But I can imagine they arenr much lower than that. Wouldn’t the bad coils etc throw codes? Thanks for your help by the way
  5. Hello everyone. Im hoping someone can help me. I bought an 06 hilux from a dealership, second hand. Most expensive thing I’ve ever owned. I’m a self employed slate roofer and I need a good reliable Ute as I’m busy. Thought to myself, I’ll spend a bit and save myself the headache of **** cars. On the way home it threw a conrod. The dealer got another engine installed and I had it back a week later. Most of the parts from my old engine are on this new block. Cam assembly etc etc. The problems started with a flat spot on accelerating. A week later it’s running like a bag of crap. When trying to cruise under light throttle it lurches and judders, drinks more fuel and has half its power. I plugged it in to find p0016 and p0335 stored. Took it to the dealer who hates me cus the car lost him money, tells me the car is fine. I got him to run diagnostics on it, when he saw the stored codes he puts me onto his mechanic toyrolla in Epping saying that it’s their problem. Changed the cam sensors for different ones supplied by toyrolla. I had to fit them, Worked for a while but is back to running like crap. The mechanic that fitted the engine said he thought the reluctor wheel of bank1 might have been faulty, but stuck it in anyway - *****. The original sensor off the knackered engine had a score in the top where it had somehow hit the reluctor wheel. The new sensors are fine after driving for a couple days, no scoring, I took the valve cover off and had a look at the reluctor, sent the mechanic/parts guy the photos so I could get another one he said he thinks that’s the problem. The mechanic has to repair the car which is under dealership warranty as he ****** it up. But he’s very reluctant, I’ve had to do the work myself in order to speed it up and actually make some progress. Im worried the timing is out. What do you all think. Any help would be most appreciated.