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  1. I think your only option here is to fully remove the cat-back section. Then hope you have enough of the bolt left to use a stud remover or such like. However you will also need lots of WD or similar (overnight with several soakings) and probably some heat on the header when you try to remove.
  2. Hey Folks First of all, hello to you all. Newbie here, just joined today as I have have recently become the pleasantly surprised and happy owner of the Jellybean. A deep blue 98 corolla CSX, going quite well so far. My question is this: My ABS light is on, after having a poke around I have found the lead from the Master cylinder has been cut or broken off at some stage. I would hope someone with a similar vehicle could have a look and tell me were it goes so I can reattach it. Or perhaps a pic if you can, just a matter of tracing the cable and seeing where it goes. Perhaps the pic will explain it better. Cheers all Scott