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  1. Yes I know how to turn off the voice (completely). Was wondering if anyone knew how to turn off just the navigation voice on the GPS but still leave the "warning" function on. ie still allow "school zone ahead", "red light camera ahead" audible warnings etc
  2. Don't imagine a recall is on the cards. There are a number of more likely alternatives. carbon buildup could be symptomatic of a number of situations. Notably a rich fuel mixture. A major cause of this is a clogged air filter or intake. Also excessive stop/start driving in traffic or prolonged idling. Could also be caused by a faulty oxygen sensor or similar. Also, don't assume that "higher" grade fuel such as 95/98 is immune from contamination. Did a Toyota dealer check it out?
  3. According to the manual it requires the dealer to customise this. Then after locking, all windows can be raised by a long push on the key fob lock button.
  4. Y2c, How do you customise it to put the windows up? When I queried Toyota Australia, they told me double pressing the remote would deadlock the doors. I told them it didn't and when they tried it themselves, they found I was right. They then told me that on Australian C-HR's, the "double-press" does nothing.
  5. KOBA_Guy


    Would need to check the octane rating for the E10. My understanding is it is the required 95 with some brands but unfortunately below that mark in others. The trick is to find a brand where the E10 is definitely 95. Manual does say you can use 91 in an emergency so I presume the (very) occasional tank "might" be OK. Bottom line, how desperate are you to take the risk? Lower octane increases the risk of "pinging" (pre-detonation) which can be very damaging to engines. Think of it this way.... If you had to fully fill the 50L tank and assuming a price difference of about 14cpL between E10 and 95, it's only about an extra $7 per refill (how often are you putting in 50 litres in one fill?). The car is quite economical so you don't live at the servo therefore I'd call the $7 an investment against costly repairs. You can bet that if you had a major engine incident, Toyota would be testing the fuel being used before agreeing to a warranty repair. Maybe I'm a little paranoid but my experience is the manufacturer will look for any out. Your "big savings to be had" might not be looking so great then IMHO.
  6. KOBA_Guy

    Voice alerts

    Thanks IdleLoop, I did burrow down (deep) and must have found the correct setting as it does announce announce school zones now. Thanks for that.
  7. Yes...thank you Geoff. That is exactly what it does. 😃
  8. KOBA_Guy

    Voice alerts

    Hi all, Whilst test driving a demonstrator Koba, I could have sworn it made a voice announcement that I was approaching a school crossing. Hasn't made any announcements on my purchased Koba. Was I imagining this or, if not, how do I switch this on? Gone through all the settings on the Info panel including checking alerts all ticked (including "Verbose") but nothing. Any thoughts?
  9. Hi all, Just purchased a Koba AWD in Atomic Rush. So far, very impressed with the vehicle. However, have a question that doesn't seem to be covered in the manual. When I push the lock button on the key fob, the car locks (naturally) and beeps once. If I push it twice quickly in succession it beeps twice. This indicates to me that it is locking the car but something is a little different from the single click. Thought it may be dead locking the doors but that doesn't seem to be the case. Does anyone know what the difference is between the single click and double click of the lock button on the key fob?