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  1. Agree, wreckers are always an option, unfortunately I had a mishap in the past where I took the extra mile to find a part and salvage it only to find that it died out 3 months later... Bottom line, Its a calculated risk that one needs to take.
  2. true, very true.
  3. Thanks for sharing. I took the car to an auto electrician who diagnosed the same as you mentioned, motor fault and mentioned that 2nd hand parts are not available and going to Toyota will cost north of $3k. I am not going to invest and will shut the door the old fashion way :-).
  4. Hello, My 2009 Kluger Grande GSU45R powered tailgate was functioning with no issues (opening & closing) in the past few years. A month ago I tried to close the tailgate but it beeped, started closing and jumped right back, the behaviour is like the system detects a resistance of some kind. I have no issue when the door is shut and I open the powered tailgate, it opens all the way up, the issue is only when I try to close it. I took off the gas struts and got them tested by a professional and the reading came out good, meaning that the issue is not from the gas struts. I trie
  5. Quick update - Toyota Brighton took full responsibility and fixed my car free of charge. They didn’t admit to the recall but I felt that what convinced them was all thanks to the info you guys shared on this thread that helped, for example the recall number.
  6. 2009 Kluger Grande, oil pipe erupted this morning. No warning sign just smoke coming out from the engine. will try and get Toyota to cover the cost. Thank you guys for your help, this post covers all the info I needed.

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