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  1. gazzzzza

    rav 4

    Looking at buying a rav4 I have no idea what model to buy.Will be looking for a secondhand rav4 budget $25000 I'm guessing there are so many variables and each person has there likes and dislikes. Iv heard the rav4 are reliable.But which models stand out the most? Is manual better than auto? a 6 better than a 4? I'm thinking 4x4 would be suitable for the odd time I take the trailer to get firewood.Or taking the odd track into the forest nothing to rough. And when summer comes id like to be able to take ski boat out weight with trailer is around 1200kg When the ski boat was going id tow it with the old vx commodore.Would a rav4 be able to tow it okay? guessing it would because the commodore v6 would cruise at 100km with boat and trailer no problem. I'm sure a kluger would be better suited for towing.But we want to stick to the smaller size car Thanks for your help sorry about the spelling Gary
  2. Hi Is the 2014 toyota accent a good model.I have the opportunity to buy one of a friend the info i have so far is as above and its a 6 speed 1.8. Has 77000 on the clock.He would like $10000-$12000 rego till july car is in pretty good shape and has had no mechanical problems.But did have a recall apparently on that model for i think he said the fuel pump so that was replaced buy toyota. whats good about this model? and whats bad? How many accent models are there? Is there much difference mechanical wise between the sedan and the hatchback? Thanks