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  1. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find a P plater driving a black stock Tivo with am rims. Prick was staking out my car in Madeley last night till I spotted him and he took off. Then I went looking for him and he recognized me and floored it. Appears to be of Asian decent.. I wasn't in my Tivo, otherwise I would of got him. Message for you c$&t. I dare you to come back! Any help will be appreciated
  2. I'm in perth too. We should organize a cruise one day
  3. I put, 17" rims, low profile tyres, strut brace and lower springs. Works for me. Oh, and sticky tyres helps too
  4. Thinking of dropping an lsd diff for better handling. Thoughts & brand?
  5. Wtb 2005 sporivo wheels. Perth WA