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  1. Hello Wishing to retro fit some Daytime Running Lights into a 2000 year Spacia [Town Ace probably applicable too]. I'm only looking to hook up the following wires from the Daytime Running Lights kit just to test and if it works as they claim, which is when the headlights are turned on, the DRL will turn off: White wire from DRL unit -> car headlight [will actually be to park light, 2nd image attached] - should it to be the + or - parking light wire? I think it's to positive, which I think is the green wire as the other one has black stripe on it. I do have a test light probe so can check that one. Blue wire from DRL unit -> car acc [accessories, looking to use the wiper motor wiring, 3rd image attached] - should it be + or - wire. I think this is also to positive but there are 5 wires here - hopefully another forum member has used a wire from this harness for some accessory before and can verify which wire to use! Easy part - Black from DRL - negative Red from DRL - positive Thank you in advance.