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  1. Hey ya David Yeah they look really sharp those Zio's & very nice to drive. I nearly bought a 2011 Zio came really close but grabbed a Blade Master with same running gear instead & as the wife keeps telling me I made the right choice LOL. Very strong motor and I'm still in the 10.3kpl running around town took a trip last week to my daughters Blade gave me 11.7kpl I'm happy.
  2. Back again. Went to Taupo on the weekend gave the car a nice 400 odd K run. Not sure what 1 can say that's negative about the car except on the way home it was dark & extremely foggy and I did find the front window pillar as its quite thick a bit of a blind spot. We cruised down at a reasonable pace obeying all the rules mostly as just lately its been horrendous on our roads have no idea what the hell is wrong with drivers but our road toll is going to pass last years and that was far to high. Have read on some posts on other forums where some Blade owners have not had good fuel economy so have no idea how they drive their little beasts. When I pass I do so at a good speed so buga the 100Kph limit get past quick & safe is my motto never mind the wife's hahahaha. Coming home was slower as to the fog but car is still averaging according to the computer 10.8KpL which is frigN awesome. Our petrol is about the $2.15 per litre for 91 which I run it on but the last owner used 98, I can't see the difference in performance & most info i read says 91 is ok. Now the point of writing today is about my tyres as I have commented on here B4 (well its in the other piece I have written). My Blade Master when I bought it has 205/60/16 which is mainly used on the 2.4 Blade & I was concerned about how the power pushes you around when cornering also found out that when you boot this little machine it kicks to the right a bit & have been told its called torque steering hmmmmmm fair enough you just have to hold the steering wheel tighter LOL. I did check with the dealer that sold it to the fella I bought it off and he said it came from Japan with those wheels so kewlio. Now today I have been able to purchase a set of mags off a 2009 Camry Sportivo and they are 5x114.3 - 7jx17 - ET50 exactly the same as recommended for the Blade Master but have 215/55r/17 tyres on them & 2 of the mags have a small amount of curbing damage on them. Have watched a couple of Utube videos on how to repair them so no big deal I do miss working on car stuff but should be getting the call from the surgeon in the next few weeks to have my knee redone as the cement has let go so if you imagine hitting ya finger with a hammer that's my knee when I walk ouch. Soon as I have repaired them (no rush) will be mounting the proper suggested tyres 225/45z/17 hopefully giving me a new rush in the handling of this little pocket rocket. I have a brother living in Brisbane who visited me awhile ago & I was showing him the car we were after, he said he still hasn't seen any there amazing right. Well once again hope you enjoy reading my story
  3. Hi Melanie. I to am quite new to this forum and pop in every few days to read whats up with others & time just flies while reading most of the stuff. This site helped me decide on the car we ended up buying so book marked it. We looked at a Kluger but they were far to big for us as we don't have the grand kids often enough also so were the Zio 2-2-2 & the Harrier but oh so nice.Have not seen any Kluger's here in NZ of that year think there is only 1 2015 on TradeMe and quite a few older models though. Got some friends they have a Holden Cruise & like our car as its so easy to get in & out of might trade the Cruise in for a Blade & if they do we will have a nice line up of Toyota's down our street for the next BBQ lol. Enjoy the reading some of its really good
  4. Well today was Sunday so as we have had a lot of rain lately the car which is BLACK lol needed a wash badly. Went to the local city yesterday & parked 3 cars down from another Blade Master also black and was also dirty as. Anyway bought a lot of products for washing the car etc plus some stuff the wife needed, feed our faces so felt much better & headed back out to the car. Now funny enough the people that owned the other Blade were also loading stuff into their car so we had a good chat and they were surprised at how much their Blade didn't have like half leather seats, cruise control with that radar thingy & electric seats. He said all he thought the difference was between the Blade & the Blade Master was the V6. He had a good look at ours and was blown away as its still only done 24600Ks so got to say in primo condition but dirty LOL, he had 93Ks on his. Told him I had done a bit of checking up as I have said before our Blade has the 2.4ltr Mags so only 205/55R/16 instead of the 225/45R/17. Now the dealer who had sold our car to the fella I bought it off said yep it had the 16's on it when he sold it so was not swapped came in from Japan with that setup. Told the guy at least he had the 17 inch mags which I feel is a huge bonus & we are looking at getting a set from the dealer fella shortly as he is having a big clean out. He asked why told him much to the wife's disgust on the way over to the city an XR6 Ford also black with those black covers on his lights so they look like a bug that needs to be squashed came up behind me. After some fast cornering I had to back off quite a bit as the power from our car was pushing me out of line on the corners hence why the 17 inch has more meat for the purpose of holding the road according to what I have read makes a lot of sense. So to carry on with the careful race he was about 4 car lengths behind me so a good driver like yours truly & I think he was enjoying himself as was I. We came to quite a big hill with passing lanes, I put my indicator on pulled out passed the 4 cars in front & I think he was a bit upset because he was right up my butt but the Blade pulled away from him very quickly (lighter car i think) so by the time we were 2/3rds of the way up the hill he caught up and blew me away. Turned out it was an XR6 Turbo, we gave each other a wave & I slowed down as it was over, heard my wife go nothings changed has it hahahahaha. I'm not a nut who drives like that often just like to have safe fun when or where possible. Car is still doing 10.3Ks/ltr but did get down to 7.9Ks/ltr around our town so the couple of small trips shows it bounces back very quickly economy wise. Yes the car did get a huge bath today so looking a million dollars & have to go back to the city tomorrow so hopefully it wont rain. If anyone reads this and is thinking of a buying a Toyota Blade or Blade Master I would 100% recommend them depending on the mileage & servicing. Oh yeah my M8 is loving his Lexus as well, told me the other day at the pub he is thinking of chipping it costing about $250 giving him another 40hp guess he is trying to get close to the Shelby Cobra he used to have but no way that car was lethal. Once again hope you enjoy my story.
  5. Hey CB That was a very interesting link U posted for the 1st gear CVT. Good old Toyota they dunit again. Could be a really good thing in the future as I drove a couple of Toyota Blades with the 2.4. They went well but just a bit sluggish off the lights. I still like the old fashion auto which is why I chose the Blade Master & am still impressed with those little paddles wife not so keen LOL.
  6. Not exactly sure if I just continue on in here or start a new topic. Well had my car about a week now done a few Ks & still amazed how economical the little beast is its still running at 10.9Ks/Ltr. Don't think I'm treating it with kid gloves because as you know everyone likes to find out how his or her car goes. I have been over the TON (160kph) twice now & am amazed how this little car can be so gentle around town even when the wife is driving it & a rocket when needed or just being a smart **** lol. Worst thing about this car is the colour BLACK shows everything but hey looks a million bucks. Couple of things that might make you smile. 1: setup my mirrors to suit and as I backed out of the driveway I looked at the left hand mirror saw that it was facing down so fiddled with the control & nothing thought crap its broken bummer. Went down the road noting mirror was back in place worked out when you put it in reverse it shifts so you can see the bottom side of the car and path felt like a real womble LOL. 2: Went out for pizza Friday night great lights can see every insect & animal having their way with others of their kind hm got carried away there lol. Anyway got to the shops hopped out of the car and it wouldn't lock just beeped at me tried several times thought now what duhhhhhhhh can't lock the car if the keys are inside. I can see its going to take me awhile to find all the ins & outs. Worked out all the dash stuff now as its in both languages so easy as & the radio screen was replaced with an English 1 by the last owner so today sat in it and watched a DVD Rambo 4 hahahaha. Oh yeah 1 of the things I read in the forums B4 I bought the car was those with Blades run them on 91 so my mates that have Toyota's of different models all run the same 91. Hope once again it amuses you if you read it.
  7. Hey Dennis. Sure hope you get some help for your lights. Seems to have a lot of traffic flow through the site, but I'm new as well and have not seen a lot of help replies in what I have read so far. Guess you don't have a manual that could help you figure it out sorry dude just maybe you need an auto electrician. I'm old school car man until now & I lift a bonnet check water & oil etc now shake my head at all the gizmos & drop the hood lol.
  8. Hey All Continuing on with the story when we got to Auckland yesterday he changed his mind and bought a 2008 Lexus LS460 with 25Ks on the clock but man those car salesman are tight with the petrol they had their young fella put 10 ltrs in the tank told my M8 yep that should get you the service station. Goes like a cut cat once we had fueled up. Car is a 4.6ltr V8 - 280KWs or 375HP 8 speed auto so @ 110kph its doing 1600 revs impressive. Road noise is quite loud but has very low profile tyres so goes no worries. What impressed me was the 8 speed auto as cruising reasonably 100 to 115kph the car was showing 11ks/L which for the cars weight of about 1900Kgs is damn good. We stayed at a M8s place last night & we got home a few hours ago so thought I would drop a line or 3 in here B4 bed time. Oh yeah we went to a car yard in Hamilton called 4 Guys they had a F150 high riser Shelby Cobra converted to RHD 750hp M8 said how much they replied $250,000 but you can have it with your car as a trade in for $239,000 hahahaha yeah right & you needed a ladder to climb into the cab was actually sold while we were in the yard unreal.
  9. Thank U for the welcome Robert also glad to see you don't hold it against us for keeping the rugby trophy LOL. Even the Pavlova is ours as well. From what I have had time to read since finding this site there is some really interesting forums. Cheers Wayne
  10. Well hope I don't make a nuisance of myself as not long had my Tea so not hungry anymore & have a funny story to share. While I was eating my tea my M8 rang me he was with me when I bought the Blade which he loved of course lol anyway he has a 1998 Toyota Celsior V8 with 57Ks on the clock beautiful car BUT his fuel gauge is playing which he has had in the shop to fix & is still not right so he just loves changing his cars as 3 cars ago he had a Mustang Shelby Cobra 600hp but wouldn't take it out much in case it got wet when it rained not quite true but close. Now he has found a V8 Lexus LS 460 with 95Ks on the clock & has done a deal so we are heading for Auckland @ 7am tomorrow, he will do the deal then we will be staying in Hamilton for the night so a nice long drive to fill in our day. M8 we are going to stay with has a 2006 Toyota Sportivo he has had since damn near new, done a huge mileage and never had a spanner to it just regular oil & filter changes. Funny part is we have known each other since we were 18 & now 50 yrs later we are for the 1st time all basically going to have the same make car now to me that's funny hahahaha. Hope the story gives ya a tickle.
  11. Just had my Tea was extremely hungry. That figure of 11.8 is L/Ks will have to scroll read out to see what its doing per 100Ks. 1 thing that caught me out was when you put the car in reverse the left hand mirror moves down to show you that side of the car great for parallel parking.
  12. Well M8 it was your write up that made the final decision so thxs for that. I made a mistake in the mileage as its 24,300Ks so even better right lol. We did a short trip on the weekend & now that I have figured out the dash (lucky as I love computers lol) I showed my wife how it could fly carefully of course its showing 11.8 no bull but main speed was 107kph our limit is 100kph. What a car think I might enjoy this forum stuff also to thanks again M8
  13. Hi All. I'm from the land of the long white cloud (NZ) sort of like ya cousins right. I have a wicked sense of humour which I hope will never offend anyone. Found your site the other week read heaps about Toyota Blades so I would like thank all of you even though some of the posts were a year or to old. This in theory should be our last car as we are not exactly young anymore and old bones were struggling to get into & out of our Holden Vectra which we have had for 11yrs. I drove my wife nuts for a couple of months looking at all makes & models but kept coming back to the Toyota Mark-X Zio & the Blade. Decided in the end the Zio was a bit long and the seating of 2-2-2 in the 3.5V6 didn't suit us but what a car. Anyway took my wife car shopping in Tauranga met some really nice salesmen not those pushing slobs you often find so no pressure. They had a 2010 Blade 2.4 with most of the bells & whistles BUT as I read in your forums its like well this is 2nd best would I regret it. So we agreed to like the Blade it had a chain drive but a CVT which I didn't want so her call on the name my call on the drive train lol. Hope this story is not boring anyone??? I found a 2009 Toyota Blade Master G V6 obviously has a certified 24,300Ks on the clock & smells like brand new. Last owner only had it for 10 months & has bought a 2018 Toyota Highlander really nice to so the Blade was surplus to requirements lucky for me. M8 & I took it for a spin I drove naturally even though we were in 50kph streets we found a very quiet 1 looked at each other grinned and floored it doubt it was 3 seconds damn car was doing 130kph we were pushed back into the seat in the short burst as we slowed back down because I love my license we both went woooooooooo. Now both of us have had big V8's myself a 1979 Holden Premier BB Chevy 427 bored out 60tho etc so pushed out about 355KWs & to be honest I'm not sure if the Premier was as quick of the mark as this little beast. Ok enough dribble have now done about 200Ks in the car since we bought it the other day and we can't get over how it can be such a gentle cruiser then BOOM if you want to pass or whateva. Now I would like once again to thank you all for your help in helping us choose this car in our hopefully long driving years ahead. Oh yeah the only downside is its BLACK bummer NOT hahahaha. PS: 1 thing that still puzzles me is the tyre size car has 205/60/16 (normally on the 2.4) but everything I have read says the Master has 225/45/17 & as they are brand new I don't really care as it handles like a dream. Hope you like the photos
  14. Hi to all. I have just purchased myself a 2009 Toyota Blade Master V6 with 29,277Ks certified on the clock. Has an English manual which I have not read yet as only bought the car today. I am the 2nd owner 3rd if you count the Japanese owner & the car is immaculate. Was surprised though that the tyre size is 205/60/16 & same pattern mag which is normally on the 2.4 Blade but it handles really well & goes like a cut cat lol. Will wait to see in a few months if I should purchase the 224/45/17's as these tyres are brand new. I would like to thank all of you for your comments even though they are a few years old as I have looked at hundreds of cars that my wife & I could drive easily & hop in and out of as we are not young fellas anymore & this was our choice. The last owner has installed a NZ middle screen so everything is in English, cameras etc all work so big bonus there. Now in my younger years I have had some big hp cars like a 1979 Holden Premier HZ BB Chevy 427 bored out 60 thou etc 355Kws but my point is this little car is so comfy,easy to climb in & out of, economical so far lol remember only my 1st day but naturally have booted it a few times hits 160kph so damn quick & as you are accelerating the little beast pulls slightly to the right but boy great for the heart. Sure hope this posts as I have signed up to your club. Thanks again for all the helpful info. Cheers Wrapt
  15. Well thank you ajr. I realize that your post was back in 2015 & I found your comments when I was doing my search on what sort of car we would get next. I have just purchased myself a 2009 Toyota Blade Master V6 with 29,277Ks certified on the clock. Has an English manual which I have not read yet as only bought the car today. I am the 2nd owner 3rd if you count the Japanese owner & the car is immaculate. Was surprised though that the tyre size is 205/60/16 & same pattern mag which is normally on the 2.4 Blade but it handles really well & goes like a cut cat lol. Will wait to see in a few months if I should purchase the 224/45/17's as these tyres are brand new. Anyway would like to thank for all this information as it is going to help immensely for the dash readouts as the screen in the middle has been replaced by the last owner spending quite a bit of money replacing it with a NZ radio screen setup. Once again thank you for your efforts