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  1. If you wanna block up your intake tract then why spend all that money ?? Use a rag its cheaper... My experience with these devices in the past has been all but disappointing...
  2. High 14s in there easy ... Somebody just have to pull it off.. :o
  3. I sort of have to adopt a Rally Driver seating style.. Long body.. Short legs... Big Hair. !!! A telescoping column would fix all that... OH BTW had me a run with an SP23.. All I can say is.. Seek Out .. Line up and destroy.. The dude weaved nearly a full Kilometre of traffic to catch me.. And then was totally destroyed at the lights with my 5k launch and 1-2 lift change..... Probably 4 Car lenghts to 130ks.. Another supposed hot rod to add to my kill list... :D Sorry to get off topic but my car feels so 14s now it aint funny.. B)
  4. Id have to agree with the weird seating position comment.. Boy what Id give for a telescoping steering column... :(
  5. Yeah mine to.. Mines only got 5000k on the engine.. :D
  6. Im not suprised that nobody knows whats going half the time..
  7. My guys asked me to bring all my keys in when they did my car .. Guess thats why I didnt have any issues... :)
  8. Ooops thought you already had the gumph.. Will have a chat wid the folks today if I get the time... Part 2: Well spoke with the lads this morning.. Wouldnt give me the part numbers either.. But they said if your dealer is unsure about any parts, especially the Gear Selector upgrade then you should ask your dealer to call him direct.. I thought ***** hes going to get a heap of calls.. Anyways my dealer is: Galleria Toyota.. Morley WA.. SERVICE: 9262 8899 service@galleriatoyota.com.au PARTS: 9262 8800 parts@galleriatoyota.com.au
  9. Im pretty sure Peekay 34 was following up with the Mob that did my car...
  10. Yer they were the suckers I was thinkin of to..
  11. I hope your getting them faced under warranty.. :) I ve had mine done once already due to disc runout and have been told they will be replaced if they have issues again.. B) Factory rotors are never made outta the best stuff.. Some slotted rotors will fix this issue just nicely I reckon.. If you feel the brakes are poo on the Stivo, cane a stocker round for a few days.. That will soon change ya mind.. :D
  12. The Knob they put on the car is identical to the stocker.. It just weighs a whole lot more..
  13. From looking at the Apexi catalogue it doesnt specifically identify the ZZE123 Corolla/Runx as being compatible with any of the Power FC Models.. However I staggered over the Brash Boys site and they list the ZZE123 as being a model for which they support with the Apexi Power FC.. This is all getting very confusing to say the least ... Anybody else have a take on this ?? ... Brash Boys will supply the Power FC + Hand Controller for a hefty $ 1800 USD.. NExt !! http://www.brashboy.net/e/power_fc/main.html
  14. I have to say Im pretty happy with the way the car is shifting atm.. Like I said it feels a whole lot more precise... Will have to wait and see what happens the cables wear themselves a little...