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  1. Wondering if anyone can assist... I have owned a 2007 corolla hatch since new. Recently however, the original head unit has stopped responding. This happens more so on warmer days; the radio will still play however the buttons become unresponsive and the screen either becomes blank (only backlight with no text) or the text turns into matrix like characters and flickers. Switching the engine off and on again does not fix the issue. There are no other issues with the car, servicing is maintained and although now 12 years old, have never had any other problems. Buying a new car at this stage is not an option therefore am wanting to remove the original head unit and replace it with a new one. Ive been to the car wreckers and was looking at purchasing a 2014 model head unit (touch screen). Before purchasing, I’m wanting to know if a 2014 unit can be installed and work in a 2007 model corolla? From my understanding, SD card program loading may be required for the 2014 unit to work (the units at the wreckers don’t come with SD cards). At the the end of the day, I am simply wanting the radio to work and to be able to play music from my phone (hence why I am looking at potentially upgrading to the 2014 unit). I don’t need sat nav and don’t care if this feature doesn’t work. Will the 2014 unit work in a 2007 model corolla? Or will there be issues with the car and new unit not being able to “talk” to each other due to differences in wiring? Any assistance is appreciated, thank you!