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  1. Hello , Just Wondering if anyone is running the KUn26 2014 model with the EFS Stockman Full Bumper Replacement Bullbar? if so what are you using as recovery points and if you use Roadsafe recovery points if they work without any modification at all? Also your thoughts on this bullbar? Cheers
  2. Selling Great Steel wheels 4 of. Suits Toyota Hilux Sr 17" stock. comes with Wheel nuts and Center Caps Great condition no gutter damage at all Comes with tyres. 2xRear tyres need to be replaced very soon front have about 5000kms left pickup sutherland shire 2232
  3. Well i ended up getting some Nulon Diesel Cleaner (Nulong Diesel System Extreme Clean 500mm) put the bottle in and filled up - Since then i have filled up with Caltex which i never did on my Petrol Impreza i used to own Stuck to BP however the VORTEX diesel i have been told is the best for Diesel..... I tell you what there has been an improvement with either the Vortex or the Cleaner as it seems to be running smoother and also seems to have more acceleration.
  4. Hahaha yes just got their email this morning hahah. I'll have to pop in and get some 😉
  5. Appreciate this Conrod going to buy some when on special give it a go. Been reading its recommended to Shock your engine with 250 ml of it to start with on two to three tanks. Not too sure what the go is here and as to why its recommended to do so.
  6. Appreciate this Conrod! I was checking out the Nulon Pro strength diesel system clean however I read elsewhere it can sometimes clean too much and remove lubricated components. Sometimes too confusing haha. I checked out fuel doctor so I'm guessing there's no different one for petrol engine or diesel am I correct? I see most other brands have different diesel and petrol cleaners. Cheers
  7. Appreciate this - i used to use some stuff for my petrol car however new to diesel and didnt want to wreck anything yet! :) Cheers Conrod, Will check it out! So many around and dont know what to use. Do you notice difference?
  8. This may have been covered in the past however couldnt find anything. Just recently purchased a Late 2014 Hilux SR Dual Cab. Perfect condition underneath inside and out. First time owning a Diesel engine. Just wondering if i should use any diesel fuel additive to clean injectors. From the service book it has done every single service - currently sitting on 111000 Kms. Purchased at 107000. Got it from a Toyota Dealership which they said they done there checks and service on it as well. If its a good idea to use please advise which one would be best suited (KUN26R) Cheers