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  1. I was told towards end of this year apple car play update would be available. How do you find the power in the SL?
  2. Thanks @Davo’sCamry, good to hear you like the SL hybrid. Think that is the way to go. I noticed the same thing with the sensors when I test drove them, the sales man had to get out to check the front for me!
  3. Hi Davo, they only said towards the end of 2019. So not that long to wait. Which Camry do you have?
  4. Hi Davo, they only said towards the end of 2019. So not that long to wait. Which Camry do you have?
  5. I know, bit strange why they do that. I might even check out the new rav4. I test drive a little cerato GT awhile ago and agree it felt good. But they put a fake engine noise in the cabin which wasn’t very pleasant.
  6. The SL has blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert and heads up display. Also has cooling front seats and front drivers seat memory - 2 memory settings. Think that is the main different, plus SL has moonroof.
  7. Thanks ZZT86. I’ve driven them both and both feel really nice. Hybrid CVT is a bit different to get used to. Petrol 8 speed feels really nice. Would be good if the SX had all the safety features but I guess thats not a deal breaker.
  8. As I’ve been speaking with Toyota a lot lately they said apple car play is coming and existing new Camrys can be updated but at a cost.
  9. ZZT86 that is my other concern as well that a revised / face lift comes next year. I’ve asked the dealership and they don’t know of any updates. Unless they push the update to 2021.
  10. Hey thisguy what did you end up getting? ZZT86 I’m looking at the new SL hybrid, have you heard about any issues with then CVT?
  11. abr126


    Adamsy did you get the SL hybrid or ascent sport hybrid?
  12. abr126


    Yeah I’ve been told 4-6 month wait. Still considering the V6, the new 8 speed should help with fuel economy
  13. abr126


    Hi rexy did you get the 2.5 or v6?