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  1. All three dealerships here in Christchurch use this cleaning product.I have postponed the service until November as these guys are busy and require 7 weeks advance notice for a loan vehicle. Haven’t enquired about warranty yet but will do so.Will update this thread again with the information later.
  2. As per the email i think it’s just an in-house product “The automatic transmission flush involves introducing a product into the automatic transmission which cleans out any build-up and then we flush it using a machine to completely flush the transmission with new fluid.” One of the dealership said that changing the strainer is not part of the normal flush procedure ( what?) while the other said the totally opposite. @campbeam Yes they said they will need to book the car in for two days. I can’t DIY as I just moved to a new place and don’t have the tools and time.
  3. So my 2012 Aurion AT-X has done nearly 207,000 and the automatic fluid hasn’t replaced since day one. Shifting from park to drive is a bit harsh (their is quite a bit of resistance) when its cold but it smooths out after the trans fluid gets a bit warm after driving around.My personal conclusion was to get the transmission flushed as 207,000 is a bit too much for any modern oil to hold on to it’s characteristics plus the contamination. So I got into contact with Toyota Dealerships and got two different quotes.One of them provided me with a quite of around $800 which will include replacement of the filter,a conditioner, 8lts of WS, new strainer and trans pan gasket.While the other one simply said that using a machine to circulate a product to flush the old oil and refill would be enough ,cost $400. Just need advice on which things should be replaced on a transmission with this many k’s?
  4. Hey everyone, The CD player on my 2012 Aurion has been acting weird since the last few weeks. It used to work fine but suddenly I can’t seem to find it in my phone for pairing (tried multiple phones). As you can see in the picture attached it shows a DISC error and the device address has changed to all zeros instead of the previous alphanumeric characters. On pressing cancel nothing happens and the player is stuck on the same screen.