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  1. Thanks everyone for your help. I will give a couple of things mentioned in the posts a go. Will post again when I hopefully find the solution. Cheers
  2. Nah mate, the car got a bit hot when the missus was driving around town a couple days ago. Checked it out when she got home & discovered temp gauge above half, sitting at (3/4) and fans not kicking in at all. No leaks, coolant level in radiator & overflow good. Oil level is spot on too. Just can't pinpoint what the cause is. Haven't checked thermostat yet, trying all obvious possibilities. Process of elimination type diagnostic by myself. I'm an old school points dizzy & carby bloke. Fuel or spark. No bloody computers!!! This new school **** does me head in. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  3. Fuses & relays all good. Coolant temp sensor good, when disconnected both radiator fans work. Also both fans work with a/c on. what is causing the thermo / radiator fans not to kick in when motor is at temp?