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  1. thank you so much for your info, ill be ordering a full new exhaust with a different pipe size. hopefully ill book in asap, hoping to get my original power back (fingers crossed)
  2. thanks for reply, I feel as yeah the car has lost power in the lower revs 100%! from what the mechanic showed me while the car was on ramps it that the pipe coming from the engine to the end of the car was fully replaced. looking on the invoice it shows yeah he has changed it to "3 piping do you think a lower size piping will increase performance again or will I need to replace the entire exhaust ?
  3. Hi there, I recently took my corolla in to get an exhaust change. The mechanic was a exhaust specialist he fully changed the exhaust adding basically a straight pipe with two 1/2 resignators and a 3" cat convertor. after the mechanic changed the exhaust i've noticed a significant power loss my car certainly feels heavily affected, I wont lie its the most insane noise you have ever heard I cant drive anywhere without every person turning there head , even when the lift starts at 6k it basically feels the same the whole way through. i'm now wondering if I should replace the exhaust back to stock. does anyone know why im losing power or what I can do to fix my problem. thank you for your time too add my previous 0-100 in this car was 5.9 seconds now its 7.5-8 with this current custom exhaust