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  1. I have front and rear Lockers from Aussie Lokka The compan is called 4WD systemds and also known as GOANNAWHERE They have a website so you can read up on the LOKKA. You can ring them directly as they are an Aussie company to get info and who may fit them. I fitted mine myself with advice from the people at their headquarters I have had Aussie Lokkas for 10 tears and they work really good
  2. Sounds like the computer is playing up. The main problem is finding someone with knowledge to diagnose and fix it. Whenever I am stuck like that I ring RACQ and get put through to their engineers department for advice. They are always friendly and have loads of knowledge and can recommend a mechanic or Auto electrician who knows such stuff. IF you are not in Queensland ring the Automobile Club in your state and get put through to their engineers. It is free to ring them and get advice if you are a member You can also get your car inspected by tbe Club(RACQ) engineers and get a full report and diagnosis of issues
  3. Terry Kelly


    My only advice is to ring the state government engineers dept they are the one who make all the decisions. When I have rung them they were quite friendly and helpful Also you could ring the RACQ or equivalent Automobile Club in your state and get put through to their engineers department. The Automobile Clubs also do inspections of your car with a full report. I usually get them to inspect a car that I am buying. It saves you quite a lot of money if there is anything wrong with the car. Whe I bought my hilux I got it inspected by RACQ. The Hilux had major issues with the transfercase and as it was still under warranty the dealer had to fix it otherwise they would have been reported to the government machinery department and got them selves in a lot of legal trouble. Hope this helps Let me know how you get on 🙂
  4. My only advice is if you are an RACQ member or equivalent Automobile Club in your state Ring them.and get advice from their engineers It is free to ring them and get advice if you are a member
  5. Terry Kelly


    Thanks mate good to know Fortunately mine is a 1998 Hilux so I figure I will give your fix it idea a go. I dont know what you would do with an electronic one They sound like a real headache
  6. It used to be that you had to put injector cleaner additive in your fuel to clean the injectors when the engine started running a bit rough and when your injectors were worn out you had to fit new injectors. A few years ago a lot of the fuel companies were advertising that they were adding injector cleaner to the diesel so your engine runs beautifully. Since then I guess all the fuel companies must have put injector cleaner in their fuel as well. Because I have had no problems with my injectors for years. I will keep my fingers crossed that my injectors remain problem free😁 Hope this helps and do let me know if you hear any more information on this subject
  7. Terry Kelly


    Yep mine does similar I have been wondering how to fix it A bloke on thiis site said to detach the speedo cable from the gearbox and pull out the centre drive cable give it a clean and then lubricate it with Vaseline. He said it fixed his. I figure I am gunna give it a go If it fixes it I will let you know If you find any answers or fixes I would love to know 😁
  8. I have a TJM steel Bullbar I have had it for 20 years. It is solid strong I have a winch spot lights and CB aerial in it and it has circular holes where you can attach tow ropes. It is made of Steel. Mine has done a lot of hard work winching and towing offroad extreme 😁 I dont know how much they sell for these days new, but you could ring for a price. My opinion is ring around to every one you can think of. Get the best price and look at a lot of bullbars in different shops. Get the one you feel happy with. If you want to get a bullbar cheaper ring up wrecking yards. If a car has been hit in the rear and the same model as yours you might get lucky and get a good quality bullbar in good condition cheaper Let me know what you decide Hope this helps
  9. That is a tricky one I don't know the answer However if you are a member of RACQ or equivalent Automobile Club in your state, you can ring and get put through to their engineers. Whenever I get stuck with anything concerning cars I ring them. They are super knowledgeable and really helpful. It is free to ring them if you are a member Let me know how you get on 🙂
  10. I took.my radio cassette out and replaced it with a new pioneer radio with Bluetooth and USB socket for playing saved music. The Bluetooth I can answer phone calls get street directions and play music from my phone. Basically if you dont know what the coloured wires mean you will have to trace them to where they go Most of the wires will go to speakers and there will be a wire supplying power. Once you have sussed out where the wires lead to your changing things over to a new system should be easier. The best way to tell the power wires is with a circuit tester that lights up when power is present You can get get circuit testers from Repco or Supercheap etc for a few dollars. If you don't know how to use it ask the people in the shop where you are buying it. Also YouTube probably has something on how to use circuit testers Dont forget to unplug your aerial and plug it in to the new system. Hope this helps Let me know how you get on
  11. I changed my timing belt a few years ago. It was doing the same sort of thing afterwards. I discovered I was one tooth out when I put the timing belt in. I had to pull my engine apart and moved it to the correct spot, now it runs beautifully. If you had it done by a mechanic then depending how honest he is He should do it for free and put it in the correct spot. If he is not willing to fix it then you know never to go back there again and warn your friends Hope this helps and do let us know how you get on
  12. My and most Hiluxes with a bullbar came out with a TJM steel bullbar My Bullbar has a space for fitting a winch. Steel bullbar are far stronger than alloy bullbars. If you ring around wrecking yards and post an ad on Gumtree you should be able to get an original equipment TJM bullbar. They have a spot for a CB aerial amd 2 round holes for attaching tow ropes and holrs for spotlights. They are pretty well sussed out and strong . That is why I guess Toyota picked them as standard bull bars back then. If you have your heart set on ARB then ask around wrecking yards and Gumtree for ARB to fit your car. ARB are good but not as common as TJM for our model.of Hilux. Maybe if you ask around you might be able to score a bullbar with a winch in it😁 Hope this helps Let me know how you get on
  13. Hoping to get advise on descent shock absorbers for my car Thanks😁