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  1. Good morning ladies and gentlemen I was wondering if I can get some help please? I want to learn about diesels but I'm not sure where to start? Are there any books I can get to learn about them? Thank you very much for your time.
  2. Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen I am new here and I was wondering if I can get some advice please? Personally I don't yet own a Toyota but that is soon to change. However I have no idea what I am looking for and I was just wondering if I can please get some help i don't know exactly what I am after however I do need it to be capable and not cost me thousands unnecessarily i can't have a 4wd because I am too short i need an automatic and I'll only have about 7k i thought maybe a hilux hopefully a turbo diesel something that I can modify as I go a long any help is greatly appreciated have a nice day