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  1. Up to you keep an eye on it , check coolant levels ,keep your eye on the temp guage. But if you run out of coolant your temp guage may not read correctely
  2. Might go to Toyota or a good parts store see if they find your parts online
  3. Be checking for air leaks in fuel system, hoses loose fittings , primer pump , filter ect
  4. Bigpete

    Hilux suspension

    Might be time for a suspension upgrade Camper shouldnt be that heavy but if it is airbags fitted will assist greatly
  5. Bigpete


    Sounds like adjustment you have adjustment under your centre consule at the y junction and adj at your rear brakes or failing all that the cables are streched beyond adj need to be replaced
  6. Best bet Wreckers ,Crash shops , Toyota dealers , Gumtree, if you have tried all these
  7. Bigpete

    Hilux Rims

    Got it all sorted thanks!. Got Prado rims fit great
  8. Bigpete

    Hilux Rims

    Hi All 2012 Hilux . Has anybody fitted rims from a prado original rims to fit a hilux should be a 7.5J ET 30 17 inch reading these are off of Prado 120 was wondering if the 150 version would fit
  9. Might be checking the injectors
  10. Get the code prob going to be a p400 low egr gas flow just been through all this crap mine was clean enough not to throw codes ended up being a vac hose but if you are going to explore go to Forby4diesel check out cleaning the egr system got some good vids on there give you some good info and tips if you are going to have a crack yourself
  11. Best get a code reader OBD2 from most parts outlets Repco, Supercheap ect record the code Supercheap will read it for you at a cost
  12. Hi EGR is a crap system but because of the computer it must work firstly get a vacuum guage check the pump then work your way through the system ,with these things its working your way through the system could be a hose ,electrical ,or even check the o ring at the egr position sensor just gotta check i is it throwing any codes ?
  13. Sounds like you have an earth issue only the spotlight will be earthed ,Not the relay Rember toyotas are switched to earth if you put a test light on to the wiring it will power up with any switch in the off position Use the wiring code i gave picking up power from the l/h headlight use a test light to confirm power souce works on both of my Hiluxs
  14. 4 pin relay 86 High beam connect red wire yellow trace at back of headlight 30 + 12v source battery fused 85 switch from the red wire on the back of the light through the switch back to terminal 85 87 spotties better to run wires from each light earth under the bonnet and get a relay with two 87 terminals just easier and neater use 4mm wire