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  1. Bigpete

    radiator fill

    Fill the header tank if you have or can borrow a pressure pump makes it easier fits on to the header tank ,If not remove the screw on top of the tank bleeder get a small funnel and fill threw it takes a while .Start your motor letting it idle keeping an eye on the level top up as requires keep feeling the top hose to indicate eng temp once temp is up top tank is full . check when cool squeezing the top hose youll hear coolant check header tank level top up as required
  2. If you cant work it out from a simple wiring diagram take it to a auto sparky
  3. When you find somebody who does the conversion let me known
  4. Starter Motors probley Cactus if you hook jumper leads directly to the + to the starter and -earth to the block with a fully charged good battery see if that cranks better if not remove starter and check off the vehicle for rotation
  5. No problems got it sorted seems some are just crap .Got a new Bosch M/C fitted it bled , adjusted it like a new one
  6. Hi. Hilux KUN26 2012 Clutch master cylinder : Replaced with an aftermarket one and find that after a period the cyl looses pressure lots of free play pump it and have to lift the pedal up by foot . Am about to replace with another and see how it goes .Done a bit of research and it seems not uncommon for these even genuine part to fail ;Anyone had this experience
  7. Bigpete

    rear springs

    Lot of mukking about its going to cost chances are that you are going to replace complete anyhow
  8. EGR is a really bad design plus you blokes now have dpf as well between the both motors suck so much crap that should be strait out of the exhaust
  9. Could proberly buy a complete tub check dealers , tray manafactures , gumtree ect
  10. Id be looking around the throttle body - Position sensor sounds like its not getting fuel
  11. Go to Google will show you a diagram
  12. Bridgestone or Toyos Dont get talked into **** Coopers
  13. Throw that harness in the bin . Follow the wiring diagrams that have been posted or take it to a elec sparky