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  1. Any hose shop can make up a hose matter of the right fittings
  2. Checked the uni joints on the tailshaft for play
  3. Yes means yes the difference in models are a vacume opp front diff set up to a sr full time opp interior ,mirrors cosmetic stuff basicily the same you could do some investigation yourself see the differences in my mind both are basically the sames so the answer is YES......
  4. You can get lifting spacers go between the spring an the axel probably get them online ,ebay
  5. Without looking you need 30 +off set will be cast on the inside of the rim
  6. Recon it might is yours manual or auto
  7. They are a waste of money the amount of oil going back via the inlet is minimal and best it helps trap carbon and dust entering the engine at best its an upper cylinder lubricant . Get a EGR blank plate egr is the devil of all engines raw carbon and heat not at all good ,just forget all the crap about catch cans all in all just crap
  8. Bigpete

    radiator fill

    Fill the header tank if you have or can borrow a pressure pump makes it easier fits on to the header tank ,If not remove the screw on top of the tank bleeder get a small funnel and fill threw it takes a while .Start your motor letting it idle keeping an eye on the level top up as requires keep feeling the top hose to indicate eng temp once temp is up top tank is full . check when cool squeezing the top hose youll hear coolant check header tank level top up as required
  9. If you cant work it out from a simple wiring diagram take it to a auto sparky
  10. When you find somebody who does the conversion let me known
  11. Starter Motors probley Cactus if you hook jumper leads directly to the + to the starter and -earth to the block with a fully charged good battery see if that cranks better if not remove starter and check off the vehicle for rotation

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