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  1. 08 -015 when they fitted the bigger clutch
  2. A filter would be good but thats not what they want with EGR Id like to remove the whole thing and chuck it in the bin
  3. Hi Yes a mechanic with diagnostis gear can read the values of injectors ,lots of sensors ,fuel pressures ,actual and target press ,check SCV valve can be at fault . And yes get rid of the catch can
  4. Way i see it a catch can collects maybe 100ml between service ,if youve got a plate with a 7mm hole you still get a certain amount of hot raw abrasive carbon passing through a bit of misty oil collects that stopping it going back to the inlet ,Ive just done injectors no1 cacked itself, pulled the EGR off ,wiped a fine layer of collected carbon/oil mix ive got a plate no, catch can thats after 85k of driving do around 40k odd per year and if nothing at all it acts as a upper cyl lubricant so catch cans in my eyes are a waste of$$$$$$$$$
  5. Might get your injector values checked out , Injectors may be in need of replacement ,Bout $480 ea .And get rid of the catch can
  6. Not hard but a little fiddley .check out forby4diesel sure hes done a vid on it .be super clean when doing it
  7. Check your travel on the slave cyl , check for oil leakage from same ,going forward master cyl for operation ,how long since the clutch was replaced check for the obvious first before spending lots of cash
  8. sounds a lot like a brake issue not 4 wheel drive , id be looking at the brake master cyl not releasing
  9. Google it might be something stupid they have the same module , get someone with dionostic gear to sort it for you
  10. Bigpete


    Check it out with the likes of ARB ,wouldnt think there would be any diff.
  11. Bigpete

    Hard to shift

    Has it a hydraulic clutch system , might check its operation looking further maybe the clutch.
  12. Bigpete

    Rim Offset

    You need +25 -+30 offset rims.
  13. Mr Airbag , Has a website , And plenty more on google
  14. I reckon thats old Denso tape someones tried to waterproof the connectors and fuse box ,rip it out get some wax and grease remover to clean them up
  15. To know there are two different types if buying a aftermarket type may get a generic one where led to believe one does all But having a crap pedal new units failing went to Toyota with a thought that there may be two units avalaible 05-08 are different to 08-15 where the clutches were changed the early one hasnt enough capacity to fully extend the slave cyl new cyl p/n 31420-0k0030 is the correct unit

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