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  1. koke

    rear springs

    Thank You I shall try and get in touch with them
  2. koke

    rear springs

    Greetings I have a Hilux Cab Chassis and only use it for domestic use I want to replace the rear springs so it wont shake my kidneys about ,question is it easer to remove the lower spring leaves or replace to whole spring ?? thank you
  3. koke


    Greetings Conrod, No mate no problems sometimes i don't explain myself to clearly ,on further investigation it appears it was done to suit the EU ,something to do with the exhaust system
  4. koke


    With regards to your comment ,not only did this advice come from a leading mechanic from one of Melbourne top Toyota dealers and perusing various books and the internet , I thought it only fair that i should bring this up on this Toyota owners club.
  5. koke


    I have a Hilux 2014 single cab 2.7 Petrol or @ TR-FE 2,7 I was in formed that they are very detuned , ok how can I give it more go.