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  1. Like a dog with a bone, huh? You're just not going to give this up, are you? ;) Yes, BUT without the VVTI badge as that is a 4 cylinder. And this is from the Toyota factory workshop manual, verbatim: "1MZ-FE ENGINE DESCRIPTION The 1MZ-FE engine, which is a V6, 3.0-liter, 24-valve DOHC engine, based on the 1MZ-FE engine on the ’01 Camry. This engine has following features that have been newly adopted in order to realize the further improvement of the engine performance, fuel economy and to reduce exhaust emissions. Model ’02 Camry No. of Cyls. & Arrangement 6-Cylinder, V Type". And look here - there's more than one of them! Does that put it to rest for you, finally???????
  2. Well, bugger me. What were we driving then for all of those years??? Toyota must have attached the wrong body plate to ours as the build date was clearly stamped as 'Jun 2002' and it definitely had 6 cylinders in a V formation and was rated at 3.5 litres. It was the 1st of the 'new' and still essentially current body style. And the conspiracy goes deeper than that as there were several of them sold from the same dealer at the same time as they used to get our regos mixed up as they were sequentially numbered. May be they were a batch of secret test mules onsold to get rid of them? And all this time we never knew!!!!!!! May be it was worth a lot more money than we gave it away for? But then again, I suppose you'll argue that there was never a V6 TP Magna either. But I have seen one, factory fitted engine and it had plenty of siblings too. Go figure.
  3. Thanks for that. Looks like this will work, is easy and reasonably priced!
  4. Hello, We have just bought a 2015 GSV50R Aurion AT-X which does not have front fog lights. I have searched out some aftermarket lights at a reasonable price, but the infill pieces are quite expensive. Therefore, has anyone tried to modify the original blank infills on these to accept a fog light assembly by cutting a hole in them etc? I do plan to call at a local wreckers as it needs mud flaps too, but there usually isn't much stock at these where we live. Any help much appreciated! Thanks!
  5. We have just traded up from a 2002 3.5l V6 Camry Altise to a 2015 GSV50R Aurion AT-X and I was wanting to know if anyone knows if the 2 genuine Toyota belts we bought (and never used) for the Camry will fit the Aurion, please? The belt's PN are: (Belt V Ribbed) 99364-90880 and (Belt Ribbed) 90916-02401. Many thanks!