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  1. As Pete said even though they are new check that everything is working correctly, thermostat, water pump, radiator, coolant etc. I've found a lot of cheaper aftermarket radiator cores are actually thinner than the original limiting efficiency, worth checking that too. Removing the air con condenser may help but it will be marginal and not worth the effort if you ever want air con again. Id also check your thermo is working correctly and efficiently, more specifically is it spinning the right direction and is it pulling enough air through. It should be pulling air in towards the engine, blowing the other direction is counter productive.
  2. With the limited information provided no-one will be able to diagnose the problem. With more information we can make an educated guess but wont know for sure until someone can physically test it. When you say upgraded the radio what do you mean? Did you just swap the head unit? Did you install an amplifier? Where did you draw the power and earth for the amplifier? Used the correct size fuse?
  3. Its just an early version of the intake pictured below. It was put in to reduce intake noise as apparently they used to be pretty noisy. I removed mine to fit a dual battery and I didn't notice any difference in intake noise, although my exhaust probably covered that up. If your want it gone it is perfectly safe to remove as it has no effect on the performance of the vehicle. The only problem is the pipe it joins to will have a hole in it, you can either patch it up to seal it or do what I did and try to track down an earlier model without the baffle that has the same pipe without the hole in it.
  4. Sorry to tell you mate but that bracket looks custom made. All Hilux use a direct mount compressor and the one used is what we call an ear mount. If you want to keep your setup you will be best off taking that bracket off and taking it into a local fabricator to make a new one. Alternatively if your willing to put in the extra effort find a wreck with factory air con and take the bracket and compressor out of that and adapt to yours. Any Hilux with a 2L, 3L or 5L diesel with factory air con will bolt up to the same holes on the block.
  5. Hey Mate, A decent quality thermo will help a little especially at low speeds and at idle but when cruising down the highway there is already more than enough airflow going through to cool the radiator and condenser. I also have a turbo setup on mine and the engine runs at an acceptable temp (still running the factory radiator) and aircon works great with no additional help. I would be looking at the cheaper fixes first before splashing out on a thermo install. Check your thermostat, water pump and viscous hub are working properly, flush your radiator, make sure your using the correct coolant, remove anything that blocks airflow from the front like spotties etc. There is also a foam strip at the top and bottom of the radiator that keep the air flowing through the radiator instead of escaping out the gaps. Mine had deteriorated over time and when I replaced it I noticed my average temp dropped by 1-2mm on the gauge. Give some of those a try and see what happens. Better to fix the problem than bypass it.