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  1. I got them off AliExpress website. Search for Camry controls
  2. How did you regrease them? Did you "inject" grease into the bearing shield?
  3. Ok. Well, I forgot about the top pulley (6). At least it's in a reasonable position to get to. Will replace soon.
  4. Hi, Today my mechanic and I replaced the belt tensioner and ONE idler pulley (above the crankshaft). Is there another idler pulley to replace? Car: 2009 Toyota Aurion AT-X. Nothing special. Engine is quiet now but old pulley may decide to be noisy in the future. Is the top idler pulley the same as the one below? Jave.
  5. Does @07Prodigy still haunt these forums? Would like to talk about this thread -
  6. @Metal_Head This afternoon my mate and I had a go at grounding all the pink wires we could find. No luck. My DISP button was working with my old steering wheel and controls. It could be that the DISP button happens to be faulty on my new controls from AliExpress. I have managed to find a wiring diagram in these forums and will have another look tomorrow. Wiring diagram from here -
  7. Yeah, I had mine upholstered for $300. Like I said, it took a while, but I was prepared to wait. One bloke wanted $450, so it pays to shop around. Also, have you seen this? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Toyota-CAMRY-AURION-2007-2011-wood-leather-steering-wheel-Black-piano/281299699723
  8. @donnot It's a standard AT-X wheel, but reupholstered with black leather. I know, it's a bit fancy for an Aurion, but I saved up for it and I like it! Took the upholsterer about 3-4 hours to do it. I waited 2 months for him to get free time to get around to my wheel.
  9. @Metal_Head Many thanks. I will look into this and report back.
  10. Hi, I've just upgraded my steering wheel in my May 2009 Aurion AT-X. See picture attached. Now the stereo controls on the left work with my headunit, apart from the phone buttons. On the right however, no buttons work (AC and DISP), apart from the Mic button, which starts Google on my headunit. The controls were bought off AliExpress. Is there any way to get the AC controls and the DISP button to work? I have dual zone AC installed from the factory in my Aurion. Any advice appreciated.

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