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  1. Thanks KAA. First experience of this kind to paint stuff, after following you guys. Alot more to learn 🙂
  2. Next phase. Grill and badges coloured with plastidip. Rims spray paint to fix gutter rash, internal blue lights. 😍😍🥰😍🥰😘🤩
  3. Thanks KAA. Full grill looks great, i found honey comb one and will be painting black. I think full removal of emblem looks much nicer on GSV40 instead of GSV50. GSV50 is more sleek, so might leave aurion or both there and plastidip all chrome black.
  4. Thanks. Any recommendation? i was looking at bridgestone and other websites, there are some promotions on.
  5. Upsized Aurion stock rims to 18” black Toyota RZ wheels. Looks beautiful and drive feels amazing. However, when driving i hear little louder wheel spinning noise which wasn’t there with 16” wheels? Any suggestions? Is that because of wheels or bad tyres as thread on few is low? 18” wheel 225/45/r18 tyres
  6. Lights, 18" Rims, Amp and woofer, stickers sorted. Intallation starts soon. Upgrade starti
  7. Thanks, yes that's what i have been thinking. I found Sony XV3000 at good price, and including all harness and fascia, it comes down to similar price like 10" one.
  8. Anyone tried this headunit? looks great. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/223663270849
  9. That’s another good approach as well. But mine is basic ATX so thought to give it a bit more love to look better. Those rims are good. I saw another one somewhere which i made me feel like that’s the colour I should go with. i have kluger 18x7.5 rims, not sure if those can go to aurion.
  10. Thanks KAA. ya persana already have some upgrades compared to ATX. i am also thinking about headunit upgrade (apple and andriod play), 17/18" rims black. and decent exaust to sound more sporty. Whidh head unit did you buy?
  11. Hi All, New member and first time poster looking for advise. I have owned a lot of common brands and models of vehicle but i always come back to Aurion. I now have 2013 Aurion AT-X (magnetic Bronze: light golden colour) and want to upgrade it a bit without breaking my pocket, so looking for recommendation for any customer, vinyl designs, rim and other upgrades you can recommend of have done to your vehicle. Thinking to go black 18" rim with that light gold colour, however unable to find a suitable size at market place so please advise what rims will work better on it. Thanks in advance.

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