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  1. I had this problem last Monday. Was driving along and low oil pressure warning came up on dash. Couldn't pull over immediately, had to go another 500 metres before I could stop safely. Checked underneath vehicle and there was oil everywhere on the underside, in the front drivers side wheel arch. Couldn't see exactly where it was coming from. Jumped on to google and searched for massive oil leak problem for Aurion and found a link about the oil pressure pipe. I was fairly sure then that this was what had happened to me. I rang the Toyota recall 1800 number and asked if there had been a recall for my car and was told by a very pleasant fellow that the letter hadn't been sent to me yet. I told him that my house had burst in a big way and what should I do. He advised me that he would contact the nearest dealer and they would arrange towing and fix it for me. My car was taken to the dealer and they confirmed the problem. The hose was replaced with the all metal pipe. I had lost 4.5 litres of oil as a result of the burst hose. I was very happy with the service both from Toyota and the dealer, Grand Motors Service at Labrador in Qld. The dealer virtually detailed my car while cleaning up all the oil underneath the car. There was no damage to the engine but I will be keeping an eye on it. I would strongly suggest all owners that haven't had the hose replaced book it in now.