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  1. I recently lost a heap of power in my 01 V6 Camry. My Scan Tool won't hook up, it says it has a Link Error. So I'll do this the old fashion way. I went to two Exhaust Shops and they both won't give a rough estimate to fix / replace the the Cat(s). Talking about that I'm assuming because it's a V6 it has two O2 Sensors??? How do I determine which Cat is stuffed or O2 Sensor??? I see on U-Tube guys trying to 'clean' the Cats. Is that even possible???
  2. Ok I'm a Detailer with over forty years experience. Use a Compressor with a soft - medium tooth brush. Try it dry, that is without chemicals. If your happy with the finish then that's awesome but if you want to tart it up a bit more spray the area with Armoral or your favorite Plastics finisher. Wear Googles protective glass's etc. You'll need a clean microfibre. Now after you have sprayed some Armoral or the like around agitate lightly with your brush spread it with compressed air and wipe / blow until dry. You will have an amazing finish and it won't be overly glossy. Don't spray on the Dash Board top. That creates glare. Also you will probably need to clean your windows as the Armoral tends to get everywhere. Not totally satisfied? Do it again. Most beginners to this technique take a few goes to achieve the results they are looking for. Done? Now grab your Vacuum and clean up all the crude that just came out from under and beside the Seats.......
  3. Did you sort this problem? I'm having the same issues with my 01 V6 Camry. ECU threw code for a Coil. Replaced that, starts / idles better but still very sluggish and pops in Exhaust. Am thinking bad Cat and or Exhaust Oxy Sensor. (At night front of exhaust glows red). Opinions? Suggestions? (Have also just done Plugs and Leads as they were due).
  4. Hi all. Have a 150k 01 Camry V6 Wagon. Thanks for the add.