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  1. I replaced my Land cruisers freewheeling hubs the other day. Bought them from here https://www.onlineautoparts.com.au/products/ZPN-31782 been super happy with them so far quality was great just thought I would share.
  2. I replaced my ball joints on my Hiace the month or so ago with these Cozza ball joints https://www.onlineautoparts.com.au/products/ZPN-12696.action?utm_source=salesTeam&utm_medium=share . Have been awesome for the price just thought I would share.
  3. If anyone is looking for a cheap set of gas stay struts for their Camry highly recommend this Tora set from https://www.onlineautoparts.com.au/products/ZPN-13964 my boot wouldn’t stay up and I had to use a bit of wood for a few months then I found these super cheap and they do the job.
  4. I had rigged up a pretty shifty rear hub tool for my Land Cruiser because a few years ago you couldn’t get it any cheaper than $90ish however just replaced my makeshift tool with this Blupac one https://www.onlineautoparts.com.au/products/ZPN-05520
  5. Just thought I would share. I had my brothers HZJ105 here over the weekend and we did some work on it. The window regulators were buggered and his window wouldn’t wind up properly, we ordered and fitted a cheap set of AutoNova replacements and they worked a treat https://www.onlineautoparts.com.au/products/ZPN-14304 . He was quoted $390 each from genuine.
  6. Hey Guys, I have a 1994 HZJ80 Land Cruiser and I noticed my front calipers have started leaking. Just want some opinions, is it worth rebuilding the old units? Or should I buy a new set? I found them pretty cheap here https://www.onlineautoparts.com.au/products/ZPN-03785 and for that price I am thinking it would just save me time to replace both units. I also have not heard of Tora before but I assume they are just re-branded versions of some other brand. However if there is more of an advantage to rebuild I might just do that. I only want to do the job once.
  7. Yeah I ended up going in store to Onlineautoparts.com.au as they have counter store in Virginia. Had a chat to them and they talked me into getting the Ultima set. Fitted them over the weekend and its not swerving everywhere now and rides not harsh so overall I am pretty happy with it.
  8. Been looking around for some cheap suspension for my 2005 Camry ACV36R came across these Ultima struts https://www.onlineautoparts.com.au/products/ZPN-16583..action? has anyone used them before? I also have never heard of OnlineAutoParts anything I should know about? Cheers, Keith.

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