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  1. rebilda

    150 Series Mods

    Why Manual?? The Auto is really good in these vehicles. As for Mods, I guess it depends what you want to do with your 150. Do you want function or fashion? I put in some rear drawers, an under bonnet compressor, duel battery system with DC/DC charger and a fridge slider (+ fridge, of course). In my new one, (2019) I also got the commercial bull bar put on, just for a better approach angle & front ground clearance. It was an issue on Fraser Island, with the standard front end, in the 2014 model I had at the time. I also put on some aftermarket, black wheels with AT rubber..... just to make it look a bit different and make it more suitable off road. The Grandtreks are not great, off the highway. Most of the other stuff that people weigh the vehicles down with (and generally never use), didn't appeal to me or seem at all necessary.
  2. Further to this issue..... I have gotten around the immediate problem by removing the black plastic "platform", that the front plate mounts to. Using a simple aluminium bracket (that I made up in a bit of a hurry), I have hard mounted the plate to the front bumper. This has pulled the plate close enough to the body of the car that the ends of the plate are no longer in the measuring field, of the front parking sensors. I am now working on a more permanent solution to this issue, i.e. a number plate mounting bracket/ platform, that sits much closer to the body of the car and is aesthetically pleasing. A note to anyone thinking of putting Euro plates on a C-HR.... Get the style with the smaller front plate Unfortunately, my wife ordered these from the web site wit no knowledge of plate sizes or idea about parking sensors. All she was interested in was making the car look pretty, which is the way MyPlates NSW has set up their marketing for new plate styles. I have been in touch with MyPlates and enlightened them to the pitfalls of this system. Of course their solution was to order a different style of plate (at a cost of $400)
  3. Hi all, My wife has had her C-HR Koba for a month or so, and is loving it so far. She ordered some personalised, European number plates and I picked them up on Saturday and fitted them to the car. The problem now is that when she went to drive the car this morning, the front sensors were constantly going off, as though she was about to hit something. They are picking up the ends of the euro plates. So, to get to work, she has disabled the parking sensors. Obviously this is not a viable, permanent solution. The dealership were immensely helpful (Not) I've got to have a look when I get home, but thought I'd ask if anyone here has encountered this and can offer a suggestion TIA.