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  1. Nothings disconnected it’s for the port above the power port if it was there it would have been a Aux port
  2. Has anyone had any alternator problems with the 2010 Aurion. I’ve had it in to Toyota 4 times and been told it’s fine but the battery never gets charged that much, the alternator always outputs 13.4v even if the battery is flat (I just has a jump from road side assist) guy said the alternator isn’t a fully smart alternator and with the battery as flat as it was should have been around 14.4v said have it checked I’ve had it checked by Toyota 4 times been told it’s fine and that the 13.4v was normal any help would be great and I’m about to do a trip around nsw and don’t need it failing why I’m out travelling.
  3. They had the parts I was looking for thank you I really appreciate it
  4. Does anyone know where I can get new OEM parts for a 2010 Toyota Aurion without going to Toyota Honestly they’re a rip-off. I need mainly internal trim and panels things like that I have looked online but didn’t find much maybe I’m just searching the wrong thing on google? Thanks everyone.
  5. Hey all I’m new here I’m looking for some advice, I have a 2010 AT-X Aurion I’ve done many modifications for emergency response and travel reasons. I’m now working on a dual battery system to help with the extra loads on the system I’m normally really good with electrical work but for the life of me I can’t work out if the alternator is an ECU veritable voltage, temperature controlled or standard alternator and help or advice would be great TIA

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