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  1. Hi KAA and Adrian, First I want to thank you for your responses. I think I wasn't explicit enough around what needs to be retained from the stock HU. On my Toyota Camry (2015-2017 model) there are some features, only customisable from the head unit, which allow me to adjust some speciific car settings. Below are a few examples : - Door lock settings : Auto lock by speed / Auto lock by shift from P / Auto unlock by shift to P / Auto unlock by driver door etc.. - Lights settings : Headlights on sensitivity (gradually variable) / Interior lights off timer - Fuel consumption I emailed 4 well known in-car stereo companies in Brisbane, only one of them responded. They pretty much said they were not aware of those sort of car settings being only available through the HU and unfortunately they couldn't help out. I have seen an article from Crutchfield (US), stating those features could be retained using iDatalink receiver + Maestro RR but not sure where to go from there in regards to which HU would be able to display those features...
  2. UP ** Still hoping someone can come up with some sort of suggestion 🙂
  3. Hi everyone, I currently own a 2015 Camry Altyse (2015-17 model) and would be interested in replacing the stock head unit while keeping all car features (door lock, lights etc.). I went to Toyota in Brisbane and they said there were not selling any to fit to my car. The one I currently own is the basic model without the nav and just wished I could get an Android Auto installed. Would you have any recommendations or alternative ? I also asked them if there was any software update available, they advised there was one and would charged me $88 to do so without being able to tell me what would be the improvement to come with it. If you have any input, well it will be appreciated 🙂. Thank you all and all the best for the New Year to come.