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  1. Hi Tony C, after reading your reply, I did some checking on line and found out the last Aurion came off the production line on 17/8/17 at the Altona plant, Melbourne. Also, the compliance sticker shows date of June 2017.
  2. I have the same problem with a recently purchased 2017 aurion atx, 45k's My local mechanic (who I've been using for 30+ years) said that this was not normal. So, down to the local Toyota dealer, the car was put up on a hoist and inspected. The problem was felt in the left hand steering arm. The service manager was taken for a drive and of course problem didn't happen. He said that he would look at other 2017 models and see if they had a similar problem. So far, no phone calls. Must not be too many 2017 aurions passing through their yard. Apart from the auto changing down too early and the crui

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