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  1. Hey Guys, Just wondering if anybody knows the difference between the MWR short shifter and the TWM short shifter for the 7th gen celica and which one is better? Thanks a lot 🙂
  2. Bit late to this but what ended up happening to the celica?
  3. Hi, I was just wondering if any one knows where I could purchase a TRD or Tsunami rear bumper for my 7th gen celica in Australia Cheers, Izaac
  4. Hey Guys, I was just wondering if anybody knows what kind of gas struts I would need for my 1999 Toyota Celica ZR boot, and where is the best place to order them. Thanks Much Appreciated, Izaac 😆
  5. Hey Guys, I have a 1999 Toyota Celica Zr im sick of the stock exhaust and I was wanting to upgrade, I only want a cat back exhaust that doesn't have drone, I kinda just want one with a little more deeper tone if that makes sense. Does anyone have any good recommendations? Cheers 🙂
  6. Hey guys just bought a 1999 Toyota Celica ZR with a sunroof that leaks and has rust, does anyone else have this problem and is there any places that would fix it? Cheers 🙂 stay safe everyone
  7. Awesome looks good, thank you so much again really appreciate it 🙂
  8. Sorry just making sure this is the one you are talking about? https://www.monkeywrenchracing.com/product/mwr-short-shifter-toyota-celica-mr2-s-00-05/ Thanks So much again
  9. Awesome Thank you so much for the help I will have to check them out. Cheers 🙂
  10. Hey Everyone, I was just wondering does anyone have any good recommendations on a short throw shifter for a 2000-2005 Toyota celica transmission? Thanks much appreciated Izaac :)

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