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  1. 2001 Toyota Hilux 5L Engine w/ CT20 Turbo Overheating!! Recently I have undergone a full engine recondition on my 5L, cost $3,750! , everything on the engine was immaculate upon return and install. I have also installed a CT20 Turbo, in great condition and followed all correct procedures to ensure the best performance and safest also. I have a put an TOP MOUNT intercooler, and a brand new radiator to go with all of the money i have spent. I have had one issue overall with the mods i have performed and after spending the money I have been dissapointed to find that under load or travelling uphill, my coolant temperature sensor on the in car guage is reading above 100 at times and boiling at 105 degrees. I have also a thermo fan installed. which i have hard wired to a switch so i am able to leave it on all the time. I have also taken it away to have it Dyno Tuned, not for maximum performace but just a tune, and since then it seems its been a bit worse off than it was before i took it? WOULD REMOVING THE AIR CONDITIONER RADIATOR MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE ON THE HEAT/ AIR FLOW AS I AM CURRENTLY NOT USING IT? OR SHOULD I PUT BACK IN THE GENUINE RADIATOR? HAS ANYONE HAD ANY OTHER PROBLEMS AS SUCH AND IF SO. Please Help!