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  1. It's been a few weeks now and I have been paying extra attention to what's going on. The reluctance when downshifting issue seems to be whenever I try to enter a lower gear, even from 6 to 5th I have issues. Double clutching and rev matching does fix the issue, and I see this as a good short-term solution until my next service is due so I can get Toyota to have a look. I have noticed that it's easier to enter a lower gear by pulsing my foot on the gas pedal, while my foot is on the clutch. This increases the rev's, and as the revs are falling it then enters the lower gear easy.
  2. Hi, at the 110,000 service they replaced my old transmission oil with Caltex easy shift 75W90. I just want to be clear that downshifting was an issue before the transmission oil change, and was the reason I requested they change the transmission oil to see if that would help.
  3. Hello, I have noticed that my Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport 2014 Manual is not down shifting easily like it used to. example: I leave for work in the morning and up shift my gears to 70 km/hr and travel about 1 km before needing to stop at a stop sign. When slowing the car down to stop, I gradually shift the gears down to help slow the vehicle. The gear lever is often reluctant to enter the lower gear, to the point at times my car needs to be stationary before I can enter into first. From 6th to 5th, and 5th to 4th is never an issue, however 3rd to 2nd and 2nd to 1st is problemati

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