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  1. Thanks, yes I've got my eye on a set from a wrecker up north, sounds like it might be the way to go to start with anyway. Someone said the Sportivo sits a couple of cm's lower and wasn't sure if AT-X struts would upset the geometry or its nothing to worry about (probably a wheel alignment after though ?) Cheers Mike
  2. Wow, great info thanks. I really love this car all except the stiff ride. So its sounding like I could swap out all the struts, springs & front & rear sway bars and that might give me a smoother ride ? Is there anything else you think might need to be changed ? Border line now to just selling it and buying something else, but its such a nice car other than that. I was attracted to it for its low k's and its in perfect condition all round, Oh what to do.
  3. Thank you appreciate that info.
  4. One final question though please. Would the struts/springs be interchangeable between the different Aurion models ? I'm assuming they would be, but just give a different ride ?
  5. Hey Tony, do you know the part number for the all metal VVTi oil line ? or maybe there's a kit with all the gaskets etc Thanks Mike
  6. Yep, I haven't actually driven it any distance yet on the open highway so maybe that will be the turning point for me.
  7. Yes I'm aware of two oil line issues. One was an oil cooler pipe which was replaced last month by the dealer, and the VVTi oil line I'm currently waiting on Toyota to get back to me with a costing as yes it still has the original. I don't believe they will cover the cost of replacing this one as apparently it was only ever an 'advisory' type thing, but I'm ok with that, it shouldn't be that much. I will definately get it done though. As far as the sticky dash problem goes as far as I can tell that wasn't so much of a problem over here. perhaps because of a cooler climate & less sun
  8. Thanks for your reply Tony. I'm in Christchurch NZ. The car belonged to a local farmer who bought it new from the local Toyota dealer and traded it back again recently on a new Highlander. I believe the Aurion was their 2nd car so its spend most of its life just resting up in the garage. Lovely condition, runs perfectly but I'm finding the firm ride hard to get used to. Today it had new tyres fitted - Kumho ECSTA 4X KU22 Steers a little nicer but really the ride is still probably just the same. I don't really want to muck with it so I'll give it some time and see what happens. Hopef
  9. Yes lowered the tyre pressure to whats recommended, no noticeable difference after. New tyres going on later this week, so fingers crossed with that. If you try and give the suspension a bit of a bounce by pushing on the front wings usually you would get some sort of bounce going but this car is very "firm" 😥
  10. I recently bought a 2007 Aurion Sportivo only done 22,000km. I'm not so sure I like the firm ride it has and wondered if I can replace the struts from any other model Aurion of the same year that would have a softer ride. I don't want to change the car, just get a softer ride. Any thoughts ?
  11. I have a 1996 Corolla with a 7A-FE engine. A couple of weeks ago I removed the throttle bottle and cleaned it. Since then the fast idle when the engine is cold hasn't been working as it should. When I first start the car from cold it starts at around 1000rpm where before it was higher than that. After 2 or 3 minutes the rpm slowly creeps up. Also the accelerator pedal is quite stiff until the car warms up then it feels normal again. Obviously I have disturbed something. Any suggestions on what I should check ? Thanks for any help Mike
  12. Just wondered if anyone has bought one of these off eBay and how is it performing ? I want to upgrade the factory stereo in my 2007 Aurion so I at least have Bluetooth and Gps. Any suggestions ? Looking for something of good quality. Cheers https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/174134651021

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