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  1. Hi guys, I wanna install some fog lights on my car, I bought the relay and oem switch and afterwards I realized that the plug behind the coin holder is not the front fog light plug but for the rear fog lights, I didn’t buy the stalk but I’m wondering if the switch can still be used, behind the front bumpers there are female harnesses for the front fog lights so I’m wondering if I could get help or maybe the front fog plug is somewhere in the car and I just can’t find it
  2. Okay does anyone at all know where the fog light relay location is in the Toyota Corolla Allex? I checked the engine bay fuse boxes, the passenger side fuse box and I can’t find none at all, I’m giving up at this point it’s a 2004 jdm Allex, 1zz-fe
  3. Hello everyone, I have a Toyota Corolla Allex 2004, 1.8l, 1zz-fe engine, jdm I’m trying to install some fog lights and I realized that the car came prewired for fogs so I’m going to use the wires already on the car (They’re a bit dirty so I’m gonna use QD electronic cleaner), I found the fuse box under the passenger side and saw the fuse already there for the fog lights, however, I looked under the hood and cannot find the fog light relay, do you guys know where it is? see images of pre-wired fog harness and the relays under the drivers side (but idk if any of these are for th
  4. Hello guys, I just got the torque pro app and elm 327 to work with my Toyota Allex, is there any additional PIDS/extended PIDS I could get or have a link to?
  5. where can I get these to buy for a 2004 Toyota Allex with housing and everything? If there’s a link please let me know
  6. Hey guys, I’m new here. I’m Ashani. I own a 2004 Toyota Allex (zze-122) from Japan.. 1.8l, 1zz-fe engine as well. 🙋🏼‍♂️

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