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  1. Hmm, what could I do to the fusebox that is inside the car? It also kinda got ****** on
  2. I think I know what's going on now, the immobiliser constantly active, mostly due to the leak of rain water dousing the fuses of the immbilisor, but what do I do about it? get new fuses?
  3. So far as for the car not starting up, I remember the time whe it all began when I started up the car, it cranked normally, and instead of starting, it just made a sort of clunk noise, I doubt it could be engine knock as I can not identify any damage on the engine block. The only things I have done in terms of electricals so far, was some cable management for the ecu and securing it into place, and looking inside the fuseboxes to see what fuses are being used so that I could see how to rewire the harness
  4. I took apart the dash to see what I have forgot about when doing some cable management, it seems like there is a leak beneath my front windscreen which has led to to these fuses completely be soaked, but other than that, I don't think these could affect ignition and starting up the car, although the leak is still a major cause of concern for me, luckily I didn't have the battery plugged in whilst these have been soaked
  5. It seems like my AE92 will not start, it cranks, but won’t start, the rear windshield wipers don’t seem to turn off for some reason too.
  6. Wanted to ask, do I need to remove the engine to remove wiring harness?
  7. apologies for the scarce amount of updates, currently exam season and don't have a whole lot of time to work on my car
  8. ok, that's done, I already connected the pins into the ecu after I took this photo, but where do the wiring harnesses go? Do it just try to manage it above the ecu inside the centre console?
  9. So the ecu is mounted here right? it seems like I am missing the passenger side bracket for it
  10. So what is an originally a carbeurated engine has been swapped with a EFI engine~ damn, what a challenge for my first car (- -;)
  11. Another thing I should state, is that my AE92 Seca originally ran off of a 4A-FC, which may be a cause for issue as to why the wiring is a bit weird
  12. This is a better shot of the second fusebox of the sockets that aren't plug with anything
  13. I was looking through the underside of the front dash area, and I had found that the ecu is not secured into anything and was under the carpet of the front passanger side, I don't have the owner's manual for my AE92 so I don't know where to actually secure the ecu to. I took apart the centre console to see where I could possibly secure the ecu to, and the second image is where maybe it could be. The third image is just a further shot of the second picture
  14. There was a white wire running off of the negative terminal and into the loom that lead into the stock fusebox, I'm planning to get a engine hoist so I can clean up the engine bay and sort the wiring out that way
  15. It seems like the horn relay, Engine coolant blower motor relay I and II, Interior lamps, hazard lamps, horn, idle speed control, Engine coolant blower motor from the other fuse box is not connected from what I see

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