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  1. Hi Tony, I don't get any satisfaction only short of patience with all the games/bull**** going on. It take away a lot of enjoyment when getting a new car. I will still be going my self to a certain extent, but it would be interesting to see the results.
  2. Hi, anyone had any dealings with " Price my car " brokers, which were supposed to forward up to 60 prices of new cars sold. On line I gave my phone number, they sent me a verification code which I typed in which led me to a page that read " Resource limit Reached " scam or no scam.
  3. Hi, Does anyone have good recommendations for a few car brokers, I'm in Perth. I am looking to buy in the next couple of months. It would be nice to know good and bad dealings/ pit falls etc with brokers, as I have never used one. I usually do the dance, which takes the shine off buying a new car. Any help welcome.
  4. Cheers KAA, Do you know if there is any site that registers what new vehicles eventually sell for from the show rooms, rather than working from the ticket price on the window.
  5. Hi everyone, I am living in Perth, I don't have a Toyota at the moment but I will be buying a new Corolla in the coming months.