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  1. I've actually seen so many diagrams with two sensors on that side, so i was like "hang on where's my bloody diagram with the single fan switch" lol But thanks to you, well it's the switch i'm after. So knowing it's the cool side, a lower temp fan switch can only be beneficial then 😁 I dunno why some are vertical & others horizontal 😂 Different applications maybe ?, Lexus might call for a different placement, etc. The Avalon's up until 09/2003 had a lower temp fan switch that came (ON @ 90°C) (OFF @ 85°C) ones built after 09/2003 were fitted with the one below. Dunno why
  2. I already run HPR 5 in the Calais, loves it. I'm actually trying the GF-S (formally GF-5) next service on the Avalon. Biggest thing i look at is their shear protection. Not to mention it calls for a 5w30 "preferred", no real need to go thicker considering it was on 5w30 before i tried 0w40. Many cars can run 5w30 well past 400,000km, engineers simply would state "you don't need to go thicker" they have a broad temp range to work with Not to mention the ENVIRO+ GF-S/GF-5 is a f**king brilliant oil. I've just been trying to find a trusted oil that actually protects, does what i want,
  3. 1MZ's don't really blow head gaskets, but they sure destroy oil 😂😂😂 Hence why i'm trying an alternative to Mobil 1 0w40 with near or similar specs. Hence why i feel dropping the fan switch parameters to 85°C - 90° (82°C thermostat which is factory) instead of 90°C - 95°C. It can only be beneficial realistically. Unplug that switch & them fans really ramp up. The ECU/Air con calls for high speed fans commonly with temps outside past 25°C, which is good. So either that switch calls for them OR the ECU. Pretty sure i'm not exactly stupid 😂
  4. Pretty sure the 1MZ-FE's thermostat on the outlet side, because i know they have an external cast alloy filler neck. But the fan switch is located on the thermostat (near the starter motor) in simple term. I unplug it, they go into a "default" HIGH fan speed in the event that cooling fan switch fails, if it was a hot day (like that warm day we had in vic not long ago, i unplugged it then turned the ignition on, thus instantly the fans kicked on HIGH), ran them for about 1 - 2mins to cool the radiator down, started the engine and temps plummeted, then i shut it off. It wasn't overheating but i
  5. Hey guys, i'm not a complete noob but i'm actually curious about those that have actually owned 1MZ-FE powered vehicles. I've recently had an interesting thing pop up in my mind, so i figured i'd ask the community their opinion. Right, so first things first..... The 1MZ-FE runs a factory 82°C thermostat (which in my opinion is perfect) considering comparable vehicles (Holden 3.8L's run significantly warmer, same with Falcon's 91°C & 92°C thermostats respectively. But fans don't really kick on till 104°C, now i'm well aware the more pressure you have, raises the boiling poi
  6. The AE50 was more a mild GT & eco But they weren't a true eco tyre if that makes sense ?. Where the AE51 is aimed more at GT, handling, wet & dry stopping improvements, tread was redesigned for better water removal, grip, whilst being comfortable but not as soft compared to a Primacy 4. The latest 51's are worth a run. Stiffer sidewalls too, thus improving handling somewhat. I think the eco range is Yokohama BluEarth ES BluEarth A AE50 New* BluEarth GT AE51 Still sold as seperate tyres but Yokohama have come a very long way recently. They've basically
  7. I want a tyre i can have spirited driving with, hence the lower profile. It's actually funny because i could swear 205/60's were more expensive than 215/55's 😂
  8. So after speaking to my guys at Tyrepower (owner & next best fitter), a contact i acquired when i was with Mercedes. I told them my strict criteria. And after my near close call today, the conti's are going. They don't have adequate slits to allow water to escape so they're going ASAP (all 5 wheels) Yokohama BluEarth GT's AE51 are the number one recommended. For the best all round firm GT tyre. And to confirm on a 16x6, 225 is the absolute widest you can go safely. Usually 215 is recommended. But hey, keep the ideas rolling 😁
  9. True, very true What next ?, bringing back steam engines ? Lol
  10. Yeah, stricter bulls**t more like it. Yet the outgoing Aurion 2GR-FE is quicker 0-100 compared to the 8sp Camry. Go figure 😂 *I trust Pdrive TV results 100%, very accurate testing* Well in all respect all they essentially did was put the Lexus GS350 V6 in.
  11. It would have been interesting, i'll give you that. But in a way i suppose what i look at is why couldn't they be simple & beef up the 2GR-FE ? You don't need 12 bloody injectors for a V6, port & direct injection. Chrysler have shown you can extract power from a regular port injected V6 just fine, whilst still having low emissions, etc
  12. My main shortlist was (Availability in 215/55/R16 or with a squeeze for more grip even though putting a 225 on a 16x6 rim isn't common, but it's still safe) Yokohama BluEarth AE51 GT *(215/55/R16 97 W) (225/55/R16 99 W) Michelin Primacy 4 *(215/55/R16 97 W) (225/55/R16 99 W) Hankook Ventus S1 Noble 2 *(215/55/R16 97 W) (225/55/R16 95 W) I've used these before & they're a solid tyre if i'm honest. Very dependable in the wet, even in cars with more hp/torque than my Avalon. All have similar load ratings so choosing c
  13. Only thing is PS4's aren't available in my size unfortunately. I'm sticking away from conti's knowing how poorly they wear, i could go Pirelli P7 Cinturato's but again, they're disappointing. I've seen really positive results first hand from the new Yokohama BluEarth AE51 GT's, they're a really decent tyre. Vastly improved over the AE50's, especially in tread design, wet grip, etc. Michelin Primacy 4's i've also seen good reviews on. I already run Pilot Sport 4's on my Calais (235/45/R17), they're super sticky. Great comfort, grip especially, etc. I prefer quali
  14. To our unfortunate disappointment, Toyota has done the inevitable and discontinued the V6 Camry. Which in itself was very disheartening to hear. Simply due to low sales. Mainly because people brought the Hybrid, no offense but i've driven a Camry hybrid, it was terrible. Especially that elastic band feeling CVT made the power delivery feel laboured/sluggish. Long live the Aurion in my opinion. Australia should have brought the current gen Avalon in from the states to replace the Aurion. Call me a snob but i don't like 4cyl's for the life of me, simply for the NVH & roughn
  15. So, ladies & gentlemen... few months update. I've been monitoring my tyre life, but unfortunately i have to report the current continental tyres on my Avalon are wearing pretty averagely. There's nothing wrong with my alignment, etc - but the grip is negligible. Now the factory rim size off memory is 16x6 JJ with (off memory) 45° offset 205/60/R16 were factory fitted I upgraded to 215/55/R16 Slightly lower profile, speedo accuracy is negligible (1.48% out) Where as i want to correct that, now i can technically JUST fit a 225/55/R16 and get more gr
  16. I don't think they're an identical match considering they're different platforms 😁
  17. I agree, nothing like a Toyota V6, especially that engine note. Bit like the Jaguar V12, electronics aside Under-stressed, silky smooth & linear power delivery. Along with an iconic true V12 sound.
  18. In my opinion i'm not really fond of the new Camry, the last Camry/Aurion's in my opinion were superior, the 8sp auto now used isn't as "responsive", in all honesty considering it's now the same DI/MPI 3.5L 2GR V6 that's in the ES350, i just feel the Camry version doesn't have all it's power ?, meanwhile the old Aurion has ALL it's power without feeling like it's intentionally being "restricted" for obvious reasons. The older 6sp auto was brilliant by comparison. However the Avalon wouldn't be a bad upgrade, it's not a bad all round package !
  19. Well i've mainly done highway/freeway k's on my Avalon, basically half way through my 7.5k - 8k interval, engine internals aren't dirty due to it having frequent oil & filter changes so running higher base stock oils i'm alot more comfortable running 8k max. 😁 I only use OEM filters because that's what i choose to use, aftermarket air filters might be different in terms of fitment, not as many pleats, etc. I think the main problem child was when Toyota introduced the 2.4L in the Camry which was notorious for excessive oil consumption. Bulletin/recall was issued too. Yeah every To
  20. Toyota A/C is basically overpowered anyway so it could be 34°C for all we care & you'd still be freezing your knackers off 😂😂 And besides, if my car was running warm on a 40°+ day, i can turn the car off & unplug the fan switch, runs both fans on high speed. Similar to what FG falcons do on a stinking hot day, best thing about old Toyota's is they're easy to over-ride
  21. Yeah Group 4 & 5's are pricey, but it's still cheap insurance over a new engine. The 5w30 is alot cheaper than the 0w40 that's for sure. Mobil & Penrite for me is all i'd stick with. But i swear by Penrite synthetic ATF which is what i run over the Toyota stuff which is good but i prefer the extra heat protection of synthetic ATF Higher temp range, better additives, etc - since changing my auto to it, shifts brilliantly, definitely feels more eager to kickdown basically instantly if i need to. 100% smoother too, no shudder. I've seen much good results with Mobil 1 0w40
  22. Yeah that 303 protectant i might invest in when i run out of my current scotch guard infused batch lol. Can't hurt to try 😄 I got suprisingly colour matched leather steering wheel cover for my Avalon to preserve my wood sections on my wheel (no pun intended) lol. Matches the grey perfectly, i like looking at the old school wood wheel but i choose to preserve it 🙃
  23. I'll have to look into it, my leather is still soft suprisingly. Only part that's dry'ish is the most sun exposed parcel shelf section but it's not cracked. Rest is super soft
  24. In Victoria the legal limit is 20% rear & 35% front. But due to all automotive glass being different shades, dyes, etc. They have a 5% leeway grace period. So absolute minimum is 15% for the rear & 30% for the front. But the visor strip there is no legal limit on tint, only that it can only cover 10% (basically that whole blue strip on your windscreen), but carbon film on the rear windshield/screen is reccomend if your antenna is there to prevent interference from metalised film. Carbon is basically metalised without the metal content. So I've already checked my glass,

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