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  1. Finally had a chance to do the job. Used WD40 white lithium spray. Magic stuff. Did all the rubber joints on the rear. Super quiet now. Thank you for the suggestion.
  2. Thanks Ashley. SCA says $8. I will try at the weekend. What’s another can on the shelf. lol.
  3. Easy question. Suspension rubber bush squeak. Annoying. So do you first try WD-40 or silicon spray? Both with a fine applicator tube.
  4. This is technically not Aurion but could relate it to any section here within the various groups in this fine organisation 1. What happens when you put a Go Pro inside your tyre? Warning some people in the YouTube are bit not so nice about the drivers dirty hands. Really? https://youtu.be/rILyBg7ZjeI 2. Pot holes. After this you will never want to hit a pot hole again. Look how much distortion there is in the rubber bushes as opposed to perhaps urethane bushes if installed. The bushes look pretty worn out. But the test and vision is undeniable. https://youtu.be/3vElCOug8Fw
  5. Why did they ever not build these? At least they would have sold one! Who likes?
  6. Hello ZZT86 Thank you for the question, a little background. The car is a 2013 with about 63K’s. The suspension felt tight all over and many of the suspension components still have the manufacturing stickers on them from the factory. The car always understeered at L and R traffic lights. In a straight line or when cornering on uneven surface the back shocks seemed harsh, something that has been said in previous posts. So, I dropped the tyre pressures. The car runs empty all the time, nothing in the boot. As soon as the boot is loaded or 40 to 70 kgs put in the boot between the wheel arc
  7. Not sure if this helps Series 40 https://www.rycofilters.com.au/Search/SearchResult?make=TOYOTA&model=AURION&year=2008&liter= Series 50 https://www.superspares.com.au/~10417709 The Ryco website does not list the 50 series but Super Spares does. Two different part numbers. Hope it helps
  8. Hello Tony Thank you for the welcome. My ride has very low kms and I always felt that left and right hand turns that happen at traffic lights always needed a lot more steering wheel action just to go around the corner. Initially I thought it may have been the type of steering system. I experimented with tyre pressures – no real advantage there. I put four Michelin’s on and that made a difference but not as good as I had liked. The tyres are now at 32,000 kms and half worn, running 36F/32R and wearing flat. A little outside edge and inside edge wear on the F/L. As the tyres are now half do
  9. Aurion Series 50 – Understeer FIXED - Upgraded adjustable rear sway bar FIXED - Harsh rear suspension FIXED. I guess anyone who owns an Aurion Series 50 (2011 to 2017), knows about the understeer, nothing fixes it. Until now. Just had installed 1. Control Arm Lower-Inner Rear Bush Kit - Double Offset (too create more caster) A Double Offset kit is used for enhanced handling performance and will deliver positive caster to both sides of the vehicle. The vehicle will have improved directional stability, crisper, more responsive steering and improved 'return to centre' fee

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