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  1. Thanks Ashley. SCA says $8. I will try at the weekend. What’s another can on the shelf. lol.
  2. Easy question. Suspension rubber bush squeak. Annoying. So do you first try WD-40 or silicon spray? Both with a fine applicator tube.
  3. This is technically not Aurion but could relate it to any section here within the various groups in this fine organisation 1. What happens when you put a Go Pro inside your tyre? Warning some people in the YouTube are bit not so nice about the drivers dirty hands. Really? 2. Pot holes. After this you will never want to hit a pot hole again. Look how much distortion there is in the rubber bushes as opposed to perhaps urethane bushes if installed. The bushes look pretty worn out. But the test and vision is undeniable. 3. There is also a section about 3 types of speed bumps and suspension. He is driving a bit quick, but honestly I have seen some people do similar things. Please try not to get too wrapped up in some of the nonsense, enjoy the obvious. Moderators if this is the wrong place to post or you feel inappropriate please delete. Enjoy.
  4. Why did they ever not build these? At least they would have sold one! Who likes?
  5. Hello ZZT86 Thank you for the question, a little background. The car is a 2013 with about 63K’s. The suspension felt tight all over and many of the suspension components still have the manufacturing stickers on them from the factory. The car always understeered at L and R traffic lights. In a straight line or when cornering on uneven surface the back shocks seemed harsh, something that has been said in previous posts. So, I dropped the tyre pressures. The car runs empty all the time, nothing in the boot. As soon as the boot is loaded or 40 to 70 kgs put in the boot between the wheel arches, the harsh feel goes. I didn’t notice it when we bought the car at 31K’s two years ago, because I sat in the back during one of the test drives. When driving without anyone in the back seat, the shocks or tyres seemed to go, bump, bump, bump at every opportunity over the smallest crap road surfaces. I also noticed that the sway bar directly linked to the half way point up the struts/shock absorbers, a little different to traditional sway bar set ups that link to the trailing arms in many cars. I started to wonder if the rear sway bar maybe too soft and there may have been a rebound type of action. Think of playing a piano, using two fingers. One finger on each key (side by side) and just tap on the keys, one finger up, one finger down and continue. Think now of the possibility that these were the two rear shocks, going up and down with no sway bar. Now add a soft sway bar and the result is basically the same. Now add a stiffer bar and the shocks don’t go down as far in the travel. I read a couple of reports about people who put a 19mm bar on the back and they said it was better. I was given the opportunity for a 22mm bar to be made, and it made all the difference. In the three random google photos, notice the back wheel how the shock is extended during cornering, one off the ground when the car is in ‘hurry mode.’ A lot of travel happens with a lot of compression on the opposite side of the car. Got me thinking that maybe the shocks were working hard against the sway bar and there was a type of bounce back, not in this driving style but just round town mode. In any case I put the 22mm bar on and hey presto the harsh bump, bump is gone, the cornering is amazing and with the urethane caster bushes, all the understeer has disappeared. The car is completely different. Oh what a feeling – still smiling.
  6. Not sure if this helps Series 40 Series 50 The Ryco website does not list the 50 series but Super Spares does. Two different part numbers. Hope it helps
  7. Hello Tony Thank you for the welcome. My ride has very low kms and I always felt that left and right hand turns that happen at traffic lights always needed a lot more steering wheel action just to go around the corner. Initially I thought it may have been the type of steering system. I experimented with tyre pressures – no real advantage there. I put four Michelin’s on and that made a difference but not as good as I had liked. The tyres are now at 32,000 kms and half worn, running 36F/32R and wearing flat. A little outside edge and inside edge wear on the F/L. As the tyres are now half done the right-angle corners were showing up even more to understeer or having to use a lot of steering wheel. Originally, I thought it was because my daily driver is a Subaru AWD and it’s just the feel you get with AWD. Makes sense. Wanting a solution, I checked everywhere and always suspected the rear sway bar. Aurion’s with no weight in the boot feel “wrong” in the back. Put 50 to 75kgs in the boot, between the wheels and the rear end feels “nice.” Since I have had cars, every car has either had a rear bar installed or up rated, makes a world of difference. So that is what started the process and finding Drive Industries to manufacture a 50 series adjustable rear bar. They checked the car and found a split R/H side caster bush. At this point I would say, the car with just 63k’s, drove straight, never wandered and the steering wheel was always centred. Enter the new Caster urethane bushes, double offset, installed both in the lower control arms. The transformation with L/H and R/H turns is remarkable with more caster out of the packet. Add an up rated rear sway bar and the grin is still on my face. Two front adjustable camber bolts were always part of the install, just to give the opportunity to a precision wheel alignment and as I found out, small adjustments in caster, camber and toe, front and rear make a big difference towards zero thrust through the centre of the car. Open road cornering is flat and as precise as it gets and “apexing” the corners is just fun. I have had wheel alignments, both 2-wheel and 4-wheel alignments done for centuries and many of my vehicles have been independent suspensions from way back with the Cooper S and the 240 (still two of my all-time favourites.) Rather than quote my price, please give them a call. This firm makes things happen.
  8. Aurion Series 50 – Understeer FIXED - Upgraded adjustable rear sway bar FIXED - Harsh rear suspension FIXED. I guess anyone who owns an Aurion Series 50 (2011 to 2017), knows about the understeer, nothing fixes it. Until now. Just had installed 1. Control Arm Lower-Inner Rear Bush Kit - Double Offset (too create more caster) A Double Offset kit is used for enhanced handling performance and will deliver positive caster to both sides of the vehicle. The vehicle will have improved directional stability, crisper, more responsive steering and improved 'return to centre' feel. This is a non-tyre wearing geometry change that has a substantial effect on a vehicles handling characteristics. 2 For those who hate the understeer as much as I did, knows that getting an up graded rear sway bar is nearly impossible. Until now. I have just had my rear bar of 16mm upgraded to an adjustable 22 mm. The company builds sway bars in Aust. They put 21 mm on the TRD but chose to go to 22 mm on my stock Presara. The difference is beyond belief. Many would know that the back ends on Series 50’s always felt weird, it felt like the shocks worked hard all day and tyre pressures needed to be lower than normal just to be comfortable. ALL FIXED. The whole car drives, corners and balances so much better. Drive Industries at Somersby, near Gosford made it happen. Talk to Doug or Andrew to make your ride go like it should have from the day it was made. The thing that impressed me the most at Drive Industries was their PASSION and PRIDE at every stage or the transformation. Be warned, this will sound ridiculous but the car goes faster on the same foot throttle position. Watch the speedo. It’s smoother and with less rolling resistance. When their amazing wheel aligning machine can set up zero THRUST through the centre of the vehicle it changes everything.