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  1. Through a series of events I now have to replace my ECU and I understand it needs to be re programmed once installed. I have had a look on the internet but cannot find anything specificities to the Toyota Yaris and I am not if the others listed for Toyota vehicles would be suitable. Does anyone know of a link or YouTube video that might help. Thanks Chris
  2. I have a 2013 Toyota Yaris and the ABS, Brake & Traction Control lights stay on after the the car has started. I took it to an auto electrician to see if they could clear the code, but they were not able to. I then took my car to the Toyota dealership and the code was C1361 and they said I needed a new ABS Actuator which would cost $6,500. I then went to Jap Parts and source a second hand unit which they assured me there were no fault lights when the unit was removed. I had the unit installed by my local mechanic and still the lights would no go off, so back to the Toyota dealer and this time they said the error code was that the ABS and Computer were not taking to each other which meant the part installed was faulty. To be expected when buying a second hand part I suppose. Back to Jap Parts and they gave me another unit and when I had this installed the situation is still the same, the lights will not go off after starting the vehicle. The part was installed the same way it came out, the brakes were bled to remove all air and the peddle is solid. Has anyone experienced this issue before and if so how did you resolve the issue, while I understand sometimes buying secondhand parts can be a risk, I do not think it possible to get 2 in a row that faulty. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards Chris