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  1. I have this issue before, replace the ac relay that located in engine bay will solve this issue
  2. Does anyone know where is the glove box light fuse location? I can’t find the exact location
  3. Hi is it possible to install recaro or bride seat on Camry 03 v6? What and where I can get the seat rail from?
  4. Thx for the information, by the way where is fuse located? I can’t find the exact location, can anybody show me the location and type of fuse, and does anybody know what is the diameter for the sportivo exhaust tips inlet and outlet? Someone stole my exhaust tip, going to buy aftermarket from eBay, thx
  5. Hi I’m wondering can Camry mcv36r door lock being program to lock and unlock when gear shift being shift from ‘P’ to ‘N’? And can some help me with my gloves box light, I have change the bulb but still it not light up, is it faulty switch or blown fuse? I have a leaking rocker cover which need to replace the seal, my local mechanic quote me $450 for the job to be done, can anybody recommend me any other place better and cheaper? Location Sydney, nsw.

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