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  1. Goddamn, the way scotty drops the car onto that jack stand and drops it on the ground... In that video he uses the floor jack with the pinch welds, while you can do this, doing it regularly will bend those welds unless you have the rubber adapter that allows for the pinch weld to sit in a slot, or an old hockey puck sliced out for that pinch weld. Better to jack it up using the front and rear crossmembers, assuming they're not rusted through. Center of each crossmember may have a visible bump/lump as seen in the video - this is a great jacking point. Then place jack stands somewhere under
  2. I've actually bought quite a few things from them. Pretty sure their parts catalogues are the same as https://toyota-general.epc-data.com (or rather, that EPC site goes to Amayama when you want to buy parts) so they don't have catalogues that show models specific to Australia. Foreign parts do fit but when you need things like a blinker stalk it gets complicated as foreign models may have a fog lamp switch etc. Some of the parts are actually cheaper than what even Toyota gets them for. Just means I'll have to keep checking part numbers with dealerships online if I want to confirm a part t
  3. Anyone know of any parts catalogues that give aussie part numbers? Not even google seems to be able to find any. I even tried putting in VCV10R-DEPDKQ and only the ACV36 (Aurion) models come up...it's like the aussie 3rd gens are a black hole.
  4. Since the how to guide section on this site seems to have been broken for at least a few months now and the site admins don't seem to be around anymore, I'll post this here. Gen 3 camrys basically being camry-badged lexus ES300s, share a lot of components together. One of these is the AC unit - in foreign 92/93 year models, if you pull back the carpet inside the driver's footwell, there is a cover that when taken off, reveals a slot sitting there, waiting for a cabin filter to be inserted. I don't know if this is the case with aussie built camrys from 92-93 however, but if someone can con
  5. From this parts catalogue assuming you have the MCV36 model, the integration relay is on the back side of the fuse block. Look at Scheme 3 - it shows the fuse block is up and to the right of the driver side footwell. I've never dealt with this particular model Camry but it looks more painful to get to than the 3rd and 4th gen camrys where their integration relay, at least for foreign models or the 3rd gens without a security system, was fairly easy to reach. 94-96 3rd gens with a security system had a locally made integration relay placed to the left of the glovebox, 82641-YC021 but yours will
  6. There's plenty of links to downloads of overseas service manuals for the XV10 Camry and ES300, but are there any FSMs that pertain to aussie RHD camrys? Been looking for a wiring diagram of the integration relay since our one appears to be much different to the US market. And while we're at it, does anyone know of any parts catalogues for AU vehicles? I've been using this one then selecting RHD models but even then some parts (particularly around switches and relays) are completely different to what we have.
  7. No idea why OP posted this but if anyone wants to mess around with it, it's located to the left of the glovebox. I'm not sure which capacitor I can remove to disable the dome light fading (i.e. I want it to turn off instantly instead) though, since there's three of them and I can't find FSMs/wiring diagrams for AU camrys...

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